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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
John Philip Miller Other Spouses:
    Birth: 1834 - Pennsylvania
    Death: 05 May 1895 -
    Marriage: 1854 - Pennsylvania
Nancy Jane Valentine
    Birth: 1833 - Kentucky
    Death: -
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
  Sarah K. Miller
    Born 07 Jul 1856 - Pennsylvania
     Died 19 Jan 1939 -
  Phillip Miller
    Born Aug 1856 - Pennsylvania
     Died -
  James Albert Miller
    Born 11 Mar 1860 - Pennsylvania
     Died 12 Apr 1948 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania
   Elizabeth A. Miller
    Born 1862 - Pennsylvania
     Died -
  Ellen Miller
    Born Apr 1863 - Pennsylvania
     Died 19 Dec 1922 -
  Barbara Rose Anna Miller
    Born Jun 1866 - Pennsylvania
     Died 30 Jul 1923 -
   William Miller
    Born 1868 - Pennsylvania
     Died -
  Parmella Jane Miller
    Born 1869 - Pennsylvania
     Died -


Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
1860 Census - Fayette Co., Pa Georges TWP 18 July 1860

	1407 1403
	Jno. Miller	32 M Collier - 180	PA
	Nancy J.	27 F			Ky
	Sarah		 5 F			PA
	Phillip		 3 M			PA
	Jas. A.		 1 M			PA

1870 Census, Georges TWP, Fayette County, PA
19 July 1870

    420 424
    Miller, Philip      33 M W Laborer          PA
      Nancy             34 F W Keeping House    Ohio
      Philip            14 M W                  PA
      Sarah             15 F W                  PA
      James             11 M W                  PA
      E. A.              7 F W                  PA
      Ellen              6 F W                  PA
      Barbra             4 F W                  PA
      P. Jane            1 F W                  PA

1880 Census, Georges TWP, Fayette County, PA
June 3, 1880

  86 86
  Miller, John   W M 46  Laborer  PA   PA   PA
    Ann          W F 39  Wife     PA   Vermont PA
    James        W M 22  Laborer  PA   PA   Kentucky
    Ellen        W F 17           PA   PA   Kentucky
    Rosana       W F 14           PA   PA   Kentucky
    Jane         W F 11           PA   PA   Kentucky
    William      W M 12           PA   PA   Kentucky

From Vance Brownfield Funeral Home Records by Kathryn Cooley Miller

  1895 May 6 Heirs John Miller: Phillip C.-William C.-James for father John

Possible Relation to Nancy Valentine?

John VALENTINE died in 1893. His obit was contributed to the Fayette County USGenWeb Project.(6)

John Valentine died at Confluence, January 19, 1893, aged 63 years.  He was a native of Brunswick,
Germany, and a member of that most celebrated cavalry organization in Germany armies, the Brunswick
Hussars.  He immigrated to his country 20 years ago. He purchased a farm in Fayette county, but lost
the same after a few years because of misplaced confidence in one who ought have been his best friend
by reason of relation.  Undiscouraged, he strove to regain by industry a home for his family; when
but failing again on the road to success, he was crippled for life in a wreck on the railroad.
But even then he did not succumb to adverse circumstances; he continued at work as his crippled
condition of body would permit and only a short time ago enjoyed the ? of once more being enabled to
call a modest home his own when the winged messenger ? him to enter a home not made with hands,
eternally in the heavens.
He was a consistent member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.  The large attendance at ? testified
that he was respected for his many good qualities of heart ????
(balance of obit is missing.  Also portion of the right side missing where you see ?)
2006-04-21 13:16:48
Note from Sherri Brownfield-Witt -- David G Brewer 
From Sherry Brownfield-Witt    I am decended from John Philip Miller son of Philip
John Miller and Elizabeth Victor. John Philip b. 1834 married first Nancy J. Valentine, second Anna
Mariah Huntley b. 1840 dau of Robert Huntley and Mary Hunter. John Philips children were: Sarah K. b
1850 m. first: Squire Jennings, second: Charles H. Chipps. Philip b.1857. James Albert b. 1860 m.
Nancy Hartman. Elizabeth A. b. 1862. Ellen b. 1863 m.first; John Braddee (Brady), second; John C.
Brownfield. Barbara Rose b. 1868 m. Frank Guthrie. Parmella Jane b 1869 m. John Walters.  Ellen was
my ggreatmother. Her first husband John Brady, my ggrandfather. Their daughter Phoebe Brady was my
grandmother. She married James Russell Brownfield. My father is George A. Brownfield.  Ellen's second
husband John C Brownfield is the brother of James Russell Brownfield so John C. is actually my
gr-uncle and my step gr-grandfather. Funny things happen! Makes for interesting research.

2003-08-05 11:01:11