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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Hans Roland Hardman
    Birth: 30 Nov 1846 - Wheeling County, Virginia
    Death: 28 Feb 1925 - East McKeespport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
    Marriage: ABT 1867 - Virginia
Caroline (Carrie) Frances Bumbaugh
    Birth: 28 Feb 1849 - Franklin County, Pennsylvania
    Death: 03 Apr 1924 - McKeesport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
  Earnest Russell Hardman
    Born 08 Apr 1868 - West Virginia
     Died 22 Jul 1930 - Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
   James W. Hardman
    Born Sep 1869 - West Virginia
     Died BEF 1880 -
  George Walter Hardman
    Born 15 Jun 1871 - Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia
     Died 19 Sep 1949 - East McKeesport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
   Frank B. Hardman
    Born Jan 1873 - West Virginia
     Died -
   Agnes Grace Hardman
    Born 1874 - West Virginia
     Died -
   Hattie Hardman
    Born 1877 - West Virginia
     Died -
  Hans Melville Hardman
    Born 11 Dec 1878 - Lyon TWP, Preston County, West Virginia
     Died -
  Arthur Dent Hardman
    Born 12 Apr 1880 - Lyon TWP, Preston County, West Virginia
     Died 09 Sep 1964 - Pennsylvania

Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
1880 Census - Preston County, West Virginia
Lyon TWP - 18 June 1880

  315 324
  Hardman, H. R.   W M 33      M Miller Virg Germ Virg
  Caroline F.      W F 30 Wife M        Penn Penn Penn
  Earnest          W M 12 Son  S        WVa  Virg Penn
  Walter           W M  9 Son  S        WVa  Virg Penn
  Frank            W M  7 Son  S        WVa  Virg Penn
  Grace            W F  5 Dau  S        WVa  Virg Penn
  Hattie           W F  3 Dau  S        WVa  Virg Penn
  Malvin           W M  1 Son  S        WVa  Virg Penn
  [Not Named]      W M 2/12 Apr Son S   WVa  Virg Penn
  Bumbaugh, R.     W F 19 SLaw S        Penn Penn Penn

From Scott Bumbaugh:

Caroline Frances Bumbaugh was the daughter of James Bumbaugh and Isabella Peterson.  Caroline, or
Carrie as she was known, was born 28 February 1849 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.  She died 3
April 1924 in McKeesport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  About 1867, probably in Preston County,
West Virginia, she married Hans Roland Hardman, the son of George H. Hardman and Nancy Blake.  Hans
was born 30 November 1846 in Virginia.  He died 28 February 1925 in East McKeesport, Allegheny
County, Pennsylvania.  Carrie and Hans are both buried in the Richland Cemetery in Dravosburg,
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
They had eight children:
1.)  Ernest Russell Hardman, born 8 April 1868 in West Virginia (probably in Preston County).  He
died 22 July 1930 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and is buried in Allegheny Cemetery.
 He married Frances May McShane, the daughter of Patrick McShane and Frances Small, about 1890
probably in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  Frances May McShane was born 9 November 1868 in
Pennsylvania and died 27 August 1927 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
2.)  James W. Hardman, born about October 1869, probably in Lyon Township, Preston County, West
Virginia.  He died before the enumeration of the 1880 census. [DaveB: Looking at the original 1870
census, it gives James' birth month of Sept.]
3.)  George Walter Hardman, born 15 June 1871 in Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia; died
19 September 1949 in East McKeesport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  On 14 August 1894, probably in
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, he married Ida Mae Clarke, the daughter of Joseph C. Clarke and Mary
Ann RIce.  Ida Mae Clarke was born 11 October 1876 in Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia, and
died 13 May 1957 in East McKeesport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  George and Ida are buried in
the Penn-Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Irwin, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
4.)  Frank B. Hardman, born January 1873 in West Virginia.
5.)  Agnes Grace Hardman, born August 1874 in West Virginia.
6.)  Hattie Hardman, born 1877 in West Virginia.
7.)  Malvin (Melville) Hardman, born 1879 in Lyon Township, Preston County, West Virginia.  About
1901 he married Margaret L. (surname unknown), probably in McKeesport, Allegheny County,
Pennsylvania.  Margaret was born 6 October 1879 in Pennsylvania.  She died 12 September 1969, but I
don't have a location.
8.)  Arthur Dent Hardman, born 12 April 1880 in Lyon Township, Preston County, West Virginia; died 9
September 1964 in Pennsylvania.  About 1902  he married Lynn Craig.  Lynn was born about 1881 in
Pennsylvania.  I have no information on her family.
Information gathered from:
Death Certificate for John Wesley Bumbaugh issued from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Carrie Hardman
provided the information thereon.
Obituary for Carrie Frances Hardman from "The Daily News", McKeesport, Allegheny County,
Pennsylvania, dated Thursday, 3 April 1924, page 27.  It reads:  Mrs. H.R. Hardman:  Mrs. Carrie
Frances Hardman, aged 74 years, six months and six days, wife of H.R. Hardman of 1820 Willow street,
died this morning at 2:50 o'clock at her home after an illness of seven weeks.  She had been a
resident of this city for the past 30 years and was an active member of the Park Baptist church. 
Besides her husband, she is survived by four sons, E.R. Hardman, Pittsburgh [sic]; G.W. Hardman, of
East McKeesport; F.D. Hardman, of Baltimore, Md.; and A.D. Hardman of this city.  Also by two
brothers, Frank and William Baumbaugh[sic], of Monessen, and by 19 grandchildren.  The funeral
services will be held at the family residence Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, in charge of her
pastor, the Rev. William R. Hill.  Interment will be in Richland cemetery.
Funeral announcement for Carrie Hardman from "The Daily News", McKeesport, Allegheny County,
Pennsylvania, dated Friday, 4 April 1924, page 31.  It reads:  Hardman Funeral:  Funeral services for
Mrs. H.R. Hardman, of 1820 Willow street, will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock in charge of
her pastor, the Rev. William R. Hill, of the Park Baptist church.  Interment will be in Richland
1870 census for Lyon Township, Preston County, West Virginia, dated 19 July.  It lists Hence [sic] B.
[sic] Hardman (aged 23, VA,  merchant), Caroline (aged 20, VA), Ernest M. (aged 2, WV), and James W.
(aged 9 months, WV).
1880 US Census for Lyon Township, Preston County, West Virginia page 372 B.  The census lists H.R.
Hardman (aged 33, VA, father born in Germany, mother born in VA; a miller), wife, Caroline F. Hardman
(aged 30, PA, parents born in PA), son Earnest Hardman (aged 12, WV), son Walter Hardman (aged 9,
WV), son Frank Hardman (aged 7, WV), daughter Grace Hardman (aged 5, WV), daughter Hattie (aged 3,
WV), son [no first name] Hardman (aged 2 months, WV), and sister in law R. Bumbaugh (aged 19, PA,
parents born in PA).
1900 census for 2nd Ward McKeesport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, dated 12 June.  It lists Hance
[sic] R. Hardman (Nov 1847, aged 52, VA, parents born in Germany, miller), wife Caroline F.
(September 1849, aged 50, PA, parents born in VA), son Arther [sic] (April 1880, VA, moulder),
daughter Grace (November 1874, aged 25, VA).  Hans and Caroline indicated that they had been married
32 years.  Caroline had had eight children, 2 of whom were deceased at the time the census was
1910 census for 9th Ward McKeesport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, page 141,  lines 75-77, dated 19
April.  It lists Hanse [sic] R. Hardman (aged 62, married once for 42 years, born in  WV; father born
in Germany, mother born in WV; laborer); wife Cherry [sic] F. (aged 60, married once for 42 years;
born in PA; parents born in US); and daughter Grace A. (aged 30; single, born in WV).  Caroline
indicated that she had had eight children, six of whom were still living.
1920 census for 5th Ward McKeesport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, page 179, lines 61 and 62, dated
22 January.  It lists Rollin [sic] Hardman (aged 70, WV, father born in Germany, mother born in WV);
and wife Carry [sic] (aged 70, WV, parents born in PA).  Hans and Caroline are living immediately
next door to their son Arthur Dent Hardman.
Letter from Frank T. Bumbaugh (16 W. Edinburgh Road, Ocean City, New Jersey 08226) (dated 30 October
1973).  Frank indicated that Carrie was still alive in 1933.
Death certificate for Carrie F. Hardman from the State of Pennsylvania.  It was signed by F.B.
Hardman.  It indicates that Carrie died in McKeesport, Allegheny County at 1820 Willow Street.  It
indicates her date of birth as 28 September 1849, and that she had been born in Franklin County,
Pennsylvania., and her death date as 3 April 1924.  She was aged 74 years, 6 months, and 6 days.  She
had been a housewife, and was married at the time of death.  It indicates that her father was James
Baumbaugh [sic], who was born in Virginia; and her mother as Isabella Peterson, who was born in
Pennsylvania.  Cause of death was listed as valvular heart disease.  She was buried in Richland
Cemetery.  The undertaker was Elizabeth D. Walker of McKeesport.
Information from Phyllis Jeanne Hardman Garrison (dated 5 January 1992 and 15 July 1994)
Caroline Frances Bumbaugh Hardman and her husband, Hans Roland Hardman,  are  buried in the Richland
Cemetery, Dravosburg, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
Death Certificate for Hans Roland Hardman from State of Pennsylvania.  It provides the following:
Place of death:  Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Borough of E. McKeesport
24 Wilmerding
Full Name:  Hans Roland Hardman
Sex:  Male
Race:  White
Marital status:  Widowed
Date of Death:  28 February 1925
Date of Birth:  3 November 1846
Age:  78 years 2 months and 28 days
Occupation:  retired
Birthplace:  West Virginia
Name of Father:  Geo. H. Hardman
Birthplace of Father:  Germany
Maiden Name of Mother:  Nancy Blake
Birthplace of Mother:  Ohio
It was signed by Helen Hardman.  She was living at 1302 Pine (?) Street, McKeesport, PA. 
Place of burial:  Richland Cemetery
Date of burial:  2 March 1925
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