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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
George Washington Sisler
    Birth: 1781 - Pennsylvania
    Death: 06 Apr 1860 - West Virginia
    Marriage: 1805 - Preston County, West Virginia
Elizabeth Friend
    Birth: 17 Jan 1791 - Friendsville, Maryland
    Death: 23 Nov 1879 -
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
  Martha Sisler
    Born -
     Died -
  Randolph Sisler
    Born -
     Died -
  Gabriel Friend Sisler
    Born 11 Mar 1802 - Friendsville, Maryland
     Died 22 May 1902 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania
  Susana Sisler
    Born 25 Oct 1806 -
     Died -
  John Sisler
    Born 02 Dec 1809 - Maryland
     Died 15 Aug 1887 - Washington, Keokuk, Iowa
  Elizabeth Sisler
    Born 19 Mar 1812 -
     Died -
   Sarah Sisler
    Born 04 Feb 1814 - Maryland
     Died 19 Aug 1894 -
  Catherine Sisler
    Born 1817 -
     Died -
  Margaret Sisler
    Born 05 Aug 1821 -
     Died -
  Clarissa Anne Sisler
    Born 03 Jan 1823 -
     Died -
  Mary Ann Sisler
    Born 09 Feb 1825 -
     Died 12 Aug 1915 -
   Rebecca Jane Sisler
    Born 16 Mar 1828 -
     Died 1829 -
  George Washington Sisler
    Born 08 Aug 1830 - Virginia
     Died 15 Apr 1908 -
  Lorenzo Dow Sisler
    Born 13 May 1833 - Virginia
     Died 17 Jan 1916 -
   Priscilla Sisler
    Born 15 Mar 1836 - Virginia
     Died -

Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
According to Bernard Mayhle, family tradition holds that George Washington Sisler was born at Valley
Forge, Pennsylvania.

1840 Census - Preston County, Virginia

Geo. Sisler Jr.  
1 Male 20-30
1 Female 0-5
1 Female 15-20

Geo. Sisler
1 Male 50-60
1 Female 5-10
1 Female 10-15
1 Female 15-20
1 Female 20-30
1 Female 40-50

Jno Sisler
1 Male 20-30
1 Female 20-30

1850 Census - Monongalia County, Virginia - 36th District

	774 775	George Sisler	67 M	Farmer 845	Pennsylvania
		Elizabeth	60 F			Maryland
		Sarah		30 F			Ditto
		George		17 M	Farmer		Virginia
		Lorenzo D.	17 M	Farmer		Ditto
		Percilla	13 F			Ditto
		John Hoestuttler 4 M			Ditto

1860 Census - Monongahela County, Virginia
District 3 - 18 Sep 1860

  2256 2196
  Elizabeth Sisler   69 F             --- 600 Md
  Sarah              47 F                     Md
  Ellis Michael      12 M                     Va
  George Harvey       9 M                     Va

1870 Census - Monongalia County, West Virginia
Union TWP - 20 Jul 1870

  66 66
  Sisler, Elizabeth     80 F W Keeps House  Md
  Sarah                 65 F W At Home      W. Va


George Sisler, a pioneer of Garrett, settled at Blooming Rose, near Friendsville and near the Preston
Line.  His sons George and Samuel came across, the former locating on the George F. Livengood place
near Cuzzart, but in the 50's going to Monongalia.  Samuel, a soldier of 1812, located after that war
near Cranesville.  His posterity are numerous.  Both brothers married in Maryland, the wife of George
being a daughter of David Friend.  Samuel A., grandson of Samuel, was a German Baptist preacher. 
Joseph F., a great grandson, is county commissioner.

SISLER, George - m. ------ Friend of Md. - c-2: 1. Gabriel - m. Elizabeth Gable - Fayette 2. John -
m. Mary Bower - [a. 3. Elizabeth - m. Moses Martin  4. Kate m. William Morton. 5. Margaret. 6. Persis
A. m ----- Friend.  7. Sarah - s.  8. Mary - m. Samuel Rodeheaver 9. Lorenzo - Monon.  10. Samuel -
m. Mahala Rodeheaver Auman.

Samuel - bro to George - b. 1786, d. 1870 - m. ----- -----, of Md. - c-2: 1. Jacob - m. Margaret
Teets. 2, John b. 1809, d. 1884 - m (1) Margaret Birch, (2) Harriet Wilhelm.  3. Barbara - m. Samuel
Sisler of Md.  4. Maria - m. Levi Fearer.  5. Margaret - out. 6. George - b. 1819 d. 1889 - m. Clara
Wolfe.  7 Margaret - Ky.


Misc: From the SISLER-L Archives:

From: lois kleinhenn lanier  
Subject: Sisler History (fwd) 
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 18:23:54 -0400 (EDT)

For your collective information!

Lois L.

To: (112)
Subject: Sisler History

Dear Lois, I just wrote to a Dallas Johnson and he sent me this information
on the Sislers. It is under the title of "Hoye's Pioneer Families of Garrett
County" complied by Garrett County Historical Society. 1988
The Sislers were early settlers in Somerset Co., Pa., Garrett Co., Md., and
Preston Co., W.Va. John and George Sisler appear to have been the family
ancestors here, and it is said they emigrated from Germany, but it is more
probable that they were born in Pennsylvania, and that their father or
grandfather was the German immigrant. Among the Germans arriving at
Philadelphia before the Revolution were Johan Adam Schisler, Sept. 16, 1738
and John Peter Siesler, Oct 17, 1741. 
In the census of 1790 there were listed as heads of families in eastern
Pennsylvania George, Jacob and Michael Sisler; also John Shisler, John
Shislor, and in what is now Somerset County, a John "Cislor", is the John
Sislor who, with his wife, Sophia, in 1796, deeded a part of a tract called "
Allegany" in Allegany Co.,Md. to George Winters vs. John Sisler, dated 1803
by which this deed was confirmed.
So the Sislers were a part of the great German migration to Pennsylvania
before the Revolutionary War, who soon moved west and southwest into Maryland
and Virginia. According to West Virginia history a John Shisler came from
Winchester, Va. in 1796 and began to manufacture wagons in Morgantown by
John and George Sisler, who settled in what is now Garrett County, were
apparently brothers. 
John Sisler 1st, in 1790, was residing in Elk Lick Township (Salisbury. Pa.)
He was not listed in the Maryland census of 1800, so it appears that he did
not settle in the Blooming Rose neighborhood of this county until after that
date. In 1797 Jacob Markley, who was also from Elk Lick, Pa., bought the old
Richard Hall plantation on Blooming Rose, and it is probable that Markleys
and Sislers came across the same time. In 1804, John Sisler, Sr. was
assessed here with two horses and one cow--- total valuation $53.
In 1806, Jacob Markley deeded to John Sisler, for the nominal sum of $10, 100
acres of land beginning at the first line of military lot 2950. This was the
original Sisler settlement in this county, the same land that, in 1829, Jacob
Cisslor of John deeded his one half interest to his brother, Samuel, for
$250. Their father, John 1st, was then "deceased." The old Sisler homestead
is in the Trappe Run neighborhood, probably on the old Indian Path from
Blooming Rose south to the Pine Swamp near the Virginia line.
John Sisler, Sr. is said to have married a Markley, possibly a second wife,
who died in 1857 and was buried in the old Hall graveyard at Blooming Rose .
He died prior to 
1829, about 84 years of age and is said to have been buried in the Kelley
graveyard near Cranesville.
Children Of John Sisler, Sr: (a) John, m(1)--------------Birch. (2) Harriett
(b) Samuel, m Barbara------------. (c) Jacob, m. Peggy Teets.
(d) George, m Clara Wolf. (e) Mariah, m Levi Fearer. (f) Elizabeth, m John
Teets. (g) Margaret, m George Kelley. (h) one son, who died in early manhood.
Of these children we note that: (a) John Sisler finally resided near
Albright's in Preston County. He had eighteen children.
(b) Samuel Sisler resided south of Blooming Rose. He had ten children:
Alfred, Henry, Samuel, Clara (Friend), Sarah, Ellen(Hook), Elizabeth (Van
Sickle), Martha (Reckard), Catherine (Frazee).
(c) Jacob Sisler settled on the Charles Miller farm west of Cranesville. He
had fourteen children among whom were: John, Harry, Samuel A., George, Henry,
Huldah (Kelley).
(d) George Sisler resided on the Sisler Farm on Briery Mountain, north of
Terra Alta, now owned by his youngest son, Joseph F. Sisler. George Sisler
had sixteen children: three of his daughters married residents of Garrett
County, viz., Martha (Bishoff) , Margaret (Custer), Amanda (DeWitt). Thomas
E. Bishoff of Oakland is a son of Martha Sisler Bishoff.
These four brothers had fifty-eight children of whom the only one surviving
is Joseph F. Sisler, of Dority near Terra Alta. He was born Feb 4, 1862 and
married Rhena M. Cramer.
George Sisler, Sr. appears as " George Sisslor" on the assessment roll of the
Selbysport district in 1804, assessed with one horse and four cattle. 
But, George Sisler does not appear in the census of Allegany Co., Md for
1810, and we infer that he had moved across the line into Virginia, though in
1816 a George Sisler was supervisor of the road from Selbysport to Wm. W.
Hoyes farm near McHenry. Also in 1828 George Sisler of Allegany Co., Md.
sold 26 acres of "Salem" and lot 3101 adjoining on the Youghiogheny River to
the Allegany Iron Company as a site for their forge at Friendsville.
The History of Preston County says that George Sisler, a pioneer settler of
Garrett Co., Md. settled at Blooming Rose near the Preston County line. His
sons, George and Samuel, came across the line. Samuel, a soldier in the War
of 1812, located after the war near Cranesville.
George Sisler, Jr. is said to have settled at Morgan's Glade in Preston
County, and have later moved to Point Marion, Pa. He married Deliah, a
daughter of David Friend. Their children were: (a) Gabriel, m Elizabeth
Gable. (b) John, m Mary Bower and moved to Iowa. (c) Elizabeth , m Moses
Martin. (d) Kate, m. William Morton. (e) Margaret. (f) Persis A.,
m-------------- Friend. (g) Sarah. (h) Mary Ann, m Samuel Rodeheaver. (i)
Lorenzo, resided near Morgantown. (j) Samuel, m Mrs. Mahala Rodeheaver Auman.
In the 1810 census of Allegany Co., Md. there were listed John Sislor,
family of seven, and Samuel Sisler, family of six.
Sislers in the Wars.
In the War of 1812, in addition to Samuel Sisler, already mentioned, there
was a William Sisler, captain of riflemen in Virginia Militia.
In the Centenary, Preston Co., W.V cemetery there are buried five Sislers,
Union soldiers of our Civil War as follows:
Andrew S. Sisler, Co. "F", 17th Wv
Andrew S. Sisler, Co. "L", 4th Wv Cavalry.
John Sisler died in service.
Samuel A. Sisler, Corporal, Co. "A" 7th Wv
Samuel B. Sisler, Co "K" 3d Md,, P.H.B.
Note: We have written this sketch of the Sisler family as best as we could
from the data at hand. We lacked dates and there may be some errors but we
hope some members of the numerous Sisler connection will continue the
research and write a genealogy that will be worthy of the family.
The Boy and the Panther.
(As told by George Sisler to his son Joseph)
When I was a boy of about twelve years of age my father, John Sisler, lived
in the Sisler settlement near where the Trapp Run school now stands: the
County around was mostly rough and covered with great forest trees, a
favorite refuge for all kinds of wild animals. 
One day father sent me to the Meshack Browning grist mill at Sang Run. At
that time there was only a horse trail from Blooming Rose to a ford across
the Yough River at the mouth of White Rock In.
Father put a sack of shelled corn on our mare, tied to fast and I sat on the
middle of the sack. I called my feist dog to follow and we were off to the
mill. But when we came near White Rock the fiest suddenly met a big cat just
below the trail and barking furiously, scared if so badly that it climbed a
tree near the trail. The old mare was more frightened than the cat; she
whirled about and ran home with me. And to tell the truth I was not sorry
she did so.
Arriving at our home, I quickly told father about the big cat. He unloaded
the corn, took down his old flintlock rifle and followed the trail toward
White Rock where he found the brave little dog still barking at the panther
in the tree. It was easy for father to shoot the beast, which measured
eleven feet from tip to tip. 
But I was too badly frightened to go to the mill that day.

Lois: Please say you didn't have this information, my neck is so stiff. ha
To get a copy of this- you can send a SASE to Dallas Johnson 5607 a Sailfish
Lutz.Fl 33549.
My great grandfather was Andrew Franklin Sisler and his father was Samuel
Blaine Sisler. Samuel's B.D. was 2/7/1838 and Andrew's B.D. was 8/27/1877
Andrew's Children were:
George Earl Sisler B.D. 2/18/1918 died 7/2/1951
Charles Audley Sisler B.D. 6/9/1900
Edna Gertrude Sisler (my grandmother) 2/5/02 died 8/20/1991
Opal Mildred Sisler B.D. 4/25/08 died 1/31/1975
Aldona Pearl Sisler B.D. 6/1/1912
Russell Ray Sisler B.D. 6/4/15 died 1996
Woodford Millard Sisler B.D. 2/22/1917
Dana Franklin Sisler B.D. 1/5/23
I hope that you find this interesting and again hope you haven't already read
all of this.
I also have that Andrew Sislers brothers and sisters were:
Marcella Sisler
Blane Sisler
Lydia Sisler McGinnis
Bell Sisler Deavers
Lis Sisler Britton
Joe Sisler.
Got to go for now it is 12:30 a.m. Jane 
2010-11-13 22:13:36