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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
John Wesley Sisler
    Birth: 22 Apr 1835 - Virginia
    Death: 01 Jan 1901 -
    Marriage: -
Mary Meyers
    Birth: -
    Death: -
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
   Joseph Sisler
    Born 1864 -
     Died -
   Lucy Sisler
    Born 1866 -
     Died -
   Leroy Sisler
    Born 1868 - Pennsylvania
     Died -
   Eliza Jane Sisler
    Born 1869 - Pennsylvania
     Died -
   Albert Sisler
    Born 1871 - Pennsylvania
     Died -

Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
1870 Census - Fayette County, Pennsylvania - Georges TWP
19 July 1870

    417 421
    Sisler, John W.    35 M W Farm Lab  300 216 Penn
      Margaret         30 F W Keeping House     Penn
      Leroy             4 M W                   Penn
      Eliza J.          1 F W                   Penn

1880 Census - Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Georges TWP

  97 97
  Sislter, Gabriel   W M 71        Farmer               Pa Pa Pa
    Elizabeth        W F 69 Wife   Keeping H
    Anna             W F 17 GDau   Works in the Kitchen
    Grant            W M 15 GSon

  98 98
  Sislter, Wesley    W M 46        Farmer & H Keeper    Pa Pa Pa
   Leroy             W M 12 Son
   Liza Jane         W F 10 Dau
   Albert            W M  8 Son

1892 Jennie (Eliza Jane) Sisler Marriage
  The 1892 marriage record of Jennie Sisler to Jessee Carmon gives Jennie's mother's name as Mary.

It is remembered by Ewing Miller, he and his sister Pearl went to the store at Haydentown there 
meeting their great Uncle Wesley.  Wesley walked back with them.  They went thru the woods to 
their home.  Upon coming to a fence Wesley spit tobacco juice all over the fence before he let any 
of them cross it.  He said that it would keep the witches away.  He also used to kill snakes and 
hang them on three poles to keep witches away.
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