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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Philip Victor Other Spouses:
    Birth: 11 Sep 1777 - Mt. Hope, Morris County, New Jersey
    Death: 06 Sep 1853 - Muskingum County, Ohio
    Marriage: -
Millicent Price
    Birth: -
    Death: -
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
   David Victor
    Born 1800 -
     Died -
  Jane Victor
    Born 1803 -
     Died -
  Elizabeth Victor  
    Born 1804 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania
     Died 1885 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
From OneWorldTree Contributor:

Millicent Price died after 1804
Phillip and Millicent were married 11 Sep 1777 in Morris Co., New Jersey

From Bernard Mayhle:

Phillip was a well to do landowner and iron producer
 in Fayette Co Pa.He and his brother Joseph and
 father David were also owners of Inn,and Stores in the
 Haydentown, Fayette Co Pa area.They owned several thousand
 acres of timberland which they logged to make Charcoal for the
 manufacturing of iron.It was stated that Phillip was a very stout man
 5'10 weighing 250 lbs and could lift 2 - 500lb anvils one with each arm
 through the hole in the anvils.
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