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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Mr. Davis
    Birth: - Pennsylvania
    Death: -
    Marriage: -
Mrs. Davis
    Birth: - Germany
    Death: -
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
  William Davis
    Born 27 Sep 1801 - Pennsylvania
     Died 25 Jan 1899 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania
  John Davis
    Born 1820 - Pennsylvania
     Died -
  Sarah Ann Davis
    Born 12 Jan 1827 - Pennsylvania
     Died 09 Mar 1909 - Hartford, Trumbull County, Ohio
  • 1850 Census - Mercer County, PA

  • Notes:
    Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
    Robert Wishart, a descendant of Samuel Wishart and Sarah Ann Davis Wishart, states that John Davis is
    her brother.  That they raised his daughter Nancy J. (Jennie) Davis because was fighting in the civil
    war and was a prisoner at Anderson prison.  Note 1860 Census of Samuel and Sarah Wishart in Mercer
    County, PA as well as 1850 Census of William and Lydia Davis in Mercer County, PA below.
    William Davis' obituary says the following:
    Feb 2, 1899 Daily News Standard, Uniontown, Fayette, Pa
    	Deaths of the Day - William Davis
    New Geneva, Feb. 1 - The funeral of the late William Davis took place 
    last Friday from the home of his son Daniel of this place, interment 
    at Fairview Church.  Mr. Davis was the oldest inhabitant of southern 
    Fayette county, having been born in 1800, and was 98 years, four months 
    and three days old.  He came to this sections from the valley of Virginia about 1854, purchasing the
    place known as the "Billy Woods" farm, where he resided until about eight years ago, when he sold his
    farm to F. M. Fast and since that time has lived around among his children.  He was twice married,
    his last wife being Emily Bumbaugh.  Twelve children resulted from this marriage and one child from
    the first.  Of the 13 children only five survive:  William, James, Daniel, Ulysses, and Mrs. Hanna
    Smith.  One sister also survives the deceased,  Mrs. Sara Wishard of Sharon, Pa.  Mr. Davis was an
    experienced furnaceman and worked at Springhill and other furnaces in an early day.
    William Davis states in two census records that his Mother was born outside the United States, and in
    one of them specifies that she was born in Germany.
    One other track of research that looks promising is the occurance of the name Waitman Davis in
    William's family line.  William had a grandson named Waitman (presumably the son of John Davis who
    died during the 1860's).  There is a Waitman Davis living not far away in 1870 who also has a son
    named Waitman of the same age as William's grandson.  You will see me tracking the family of Waitman
    Davis on the assumption that he is a possible nephew to William.
    1800 Census - Bedford County, Pennsylvania
    Hopewell and Woodbury TWPs
      William Davis       1--1- 3--1-
      Samuel Livingstone  2--1- 3--1-
      David Wisehart      411-1 22-1-
    1809 Tax Duplicate - Hopewell TWP, Bedford County, PA
      (Tax laid at half a cent to the dollar upon the valuation)
      Isaiah Davis: $2.45
      Thomas Davis: -blank-
      Edward Davis: $1.20 [single freeman]
      Zachariah Davis: $1.52 [single freeman]
      Andrew Davis: $1.00 [single freeman]
      David Wisehart: $3.39
      ----- Wishard: -blank- [single freeman]
    1810 Census, Woodberry TWP, Bedford County, PA
      Wm. Davis   21-1- 12-1-
      2 Males 0-9
      1 Male 10-15
      1 Male 26-44
      1 Female 0-9
      2 Females 10-15
      1 Female 26-44
    1810 Census - Bedford County, Pennsylvania
    Hopewell TWP
      49  Saml Levingston   1121- 4211-
      123 Isai Davis        2--2- 3--1
      124 Thos Davis        -21-1 ----1
      186 David Wishart     311-1 --2-1
    1814 Tax List, Hopewell TWP, Bedford County, PA
    Davis, William Blacksmith age 30
    Davis, Isar (?)  Do       age 38
    Wishard, David Doctor     age 62
    Wishard, David Farmer     age 23
    1817 Tax List, Hopewell TWP, Bedford County, PA
      William Davis
      Isaiah Davis
      David J. Wishart
    1820 Census - Bedford County, Pennsylvania
    Hopewell TWP
      Wm Wishart Farmer       ---1-- 1-1-- ---1
        1 Male born 1794-1804
        1 Female born 1810-1820
        1 Female born 1794-1804
        1 Person engaged in manufacturer
      Sam'l Livingston Framer 1211-1 112-1 -5-- [The occupation really was written as 'Framer']
        1 Male born 1810-1820
        2 Males born 1804-1810
        1 Male born 1802-1804
        1 Male born 1794-1804
        1 Male born before 1775
        5 People engaged in agriculture
      Isaiah Davis     do     41111- 2311- -4--
        4 Males born 1810-1820
        1 Male born 1804-1810
        1 Male born 1802-1804
        1 Male born 1794-1804
        1 Male born 1775-1794
        2 Females born 1810-1820
        3 Females born 1804-1810
        1 Female born 1794-1804
        1 Female born 1775-1794
        4 Persons engaged in agriculture
    1820 Census - Bedford County, Pennsylvania
    Woodbury TWP
      William Davis Esq    -111-1 -1--1 -1
      1 Male born 1804-1810
      1 Male born 1802-1804
      1 Male born 1794-1804
      1 Male born before 1775
      1 Female born 1804-1810
      1 Female born before 1775
      1 Person engaged in agriculture
    1830 Census, Woodbury TWP, Bedford County, PA
      William Davis Esqr  000010001 000100001
      1 Male 20-30 (born 1800-1810)
      1 Male 60-70 (born 1760-1770)
      1 Female 15-20 (born 1810-1815)
      1 Female 60-70 (born 1760-1770)
      William Davis       110001  01001
      1 Male 0-5 (born 1825-1830)
      1 Male 5-10 (born 1820-1825)
      1 Male 30-40 (born 1790-1800)
      1 Female 5-10 (born 1820-1825)
      1 Female 20-30 (born 1800-1810)
    1840 Census - West Providence TWP, Bedford Co., PA
      Davis, William
      1 Male 10-15
      1 Male 40-50
      1 Female 0-5
      1 Female 20-30
      1 Female 60-70
      1 Person employed in Manufactures and Trades
      An entry unattributed by to a township (but which appears to be associated with 
      West Providence TWP) lists those with "revolutionary or military service in the foregoing":
      William Davis
      Age: 83
    1841 - West Virginia, Marriages Index, 1785-1971
      Name: Waitman Davis
      Gender: Male
      Spouse: Jane Ridgeway
      Date: 1841
      Place: Monongalia, West Virginia
    1850 Census - Bedford County, Pennsylvania
    Hopewell TWP - 27 Nov 1850
      97 97
      Isaiah Davis      74 M Black Smith 1500 Penn
      Rebecca           72 F                  "
      98 98
      Alexander Davis   36 M Farmer           Penn
      Mary              32 F                  Penn
      Isaiah            13 M                  Penn
      David             12 M                  Penn
      John M.            9 M                  Penn
      James P.           7 M                  Penn
      Rebecca M.         5 F                  Penn
      Hester M.          3 F                  Penn
      Catharine          1 F                  Penn
    1850 Census - Monongalia County, Virginia
    37th District - 23 July 1850
      208 209
      Waitman Davis       38 M Cabinet Maker 2500     Va
      Jane                35 F                        Va
      Mary L.              9 F                        Va
      William C.           6 M                        Va
      Marcelius M.         4 M                        Va
      Zackwell R.          1 M                        Va
      Matilda J. Ridgeway 14 F                        Indiana
      Daniel B.           12 M                        Indiana
      Jane                68 F                        New Jersey
      210 211
      Thomas Davis        55 M Farmer 2000            Va
      Anzley              52 F                        Maryland
      Jane                19 F                        Va
      James W.            15 M Farmer                 Va
      212 213
      Albert G. Davis     29 M Clerg. Baptist         Va
      Emily               26 F                        Penn
      Daniel Swan          6 M                        Penn
      214 215
      John Davis          42 M Farmer                 Va
      Susanna             38 F                        Va
      Elisabeth           16 F                        Va
      Mary                14 F                        Va
      Amanda              12 F                        Va
      Agnes               11 F                        Va
      Lewis S.             8 M                        Va
      Matilda              7 F                        Va
      Eliza E.             4 F                        Va
      Martha J.            2 F                        Va
    1850 Census, West Lackawannock TWP, Mercer Co., PA
      148 149
      Wm. Davis       70 M Collier Pa
      Lydia Ann Davis 60 F         Ireland
      John Davis      30 M Collier Pa
      Sarah Ann Davis 21 F         Pa
    1854 - LDS Church IGI
      LDS Church New FamilySearch (J6P2-SH9D-S) States that Isaiah Davis was born 7 April 1776 in
      Philadelphia and died 10 Feb 1854 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.
    1860 Census - Mercer County, Pennsylvania
    Perry TWP - 16 July 1860
      599 570
      John Davis    40 M Farmer 1200 400 England
      Sarah         27 F                 Ohio
      Livingston     8 M                 Penn
      Ella H.        2 F                 Penn
      Ann           82 F                 Wales
    1860 Census - Monongalia County, West Virginia
    District #4 - 24 July 1860
      1214 1174
      Lorenzo Davis   30 M Farm Hand   100 Va
      Cinthia         23 F                 Va
      1215 1175
      Waitman Davis   47 M Cabinet Maker 2000 210 Va
      Jane            44 F                        Va
      Mary L.         18 F                        Va
      William C.      15 M                        Va
      Marcellus W.    13 M                        Va
      Zackwell R.     10 M                        Va
      Elmore N.        8 M                        Va
      James H.         6 M                        Va
      Erastus E.       2 M                        Va
      1217 1177
      Susanna Davis   46 F                    75  Va
      Matilda         16 F                        Va
      James W.         6 M                        Va
      Delia A.         3 F                        Va
    1860 Census - Greene County, Pennsylvania
    Dunkard TWP - 25 Aug 1860
      115 116
      Bowen Davis   54 M   Day Laborer   400 Va
      Eliza         50 F House Keeper        Penn
      Waitman       22 M Teacher             Penn
      Eliza E.      18 F Teacher             Penn
      Nancy M.      16 F Housekeeper         Penn
      Rebecca S.     8 F                     Penn
      John W.        4 M                     Penn
    1870 Census - Monogalia County, West Virginia
    Cass TWP - 29 August 1870
      181 181
      Davis, Waitman  58 M W Carpenter       WVa
      Jane            55 F W Keeps House     WVa
      Marcellus W.    23 M W Carpenter       WVa
      Elmer N.        19 M W Farmer          WVa
      Jas. H.         16 M W Farmhand        WVa
      Erastus C.      13 M W Farmhand        WVa
      Miller, Alice A. 14 F W Domestic       WVa
      191 191
      Davis, Lorenzo  40 M W Dry Good Merchant WVa
      Cinthia         33 F W Keeps House       WVa
      Sarah E.         9 F W                   WVa
      James E.         2 M W                   WVa
      197 197
      Davis, Bowers   84 M W Farmer  4280 300  Del
      Margaret        26 F W House Keeper      WVa
      Sanford C.      30 M W Farmer            WVa
      199 199
      Davis, Asa      47 M W Farmer  300 250   WVa
      Elizabeth       30 F W Keeps House       WVa
      Mary O.         12 F W At Home           WVa
      Wm.             11 M W Farm Hand         WVa
      George C.        9 M W                   WVa
      Susan            7 F W                   WVa
    1870 Census - Greene County, Pennsylvania
    Dunkard TWP - 9 July 1870
    [Note: This county doesn't appear to be indexed in]
      217 212
      Davis, Bowers   65 M W Farmer    1100 WVa
      Eliza           59 F W Keeping House  Pa
      Rebecca L.      17 F W At Home        Pa
      John            13 M W                Pa
      Hess, Ellen     28 F W Domestic Servant Pa
      ---, William     3 M W                Pa
    1870 Census - Fayette County, Pennsylvania
    Springhill TWP - 10 Aug 1870
      29 29
      Davis, Waitman   31 M W Potter     250 720 Penn
      Caroline         28 F W Keeping House      Penn
      Waitman           7 M W                    Penn
      Mary              4 F W                    Penn
      Debolt, John     20 M W Potter             Penn
    1874 - Pennsylvania School Journal
    Vol. 22
      March 1874
      Waitman Davis of Wiley, Greene County was granted a permanent teaching certificate.
    1880 Census - Fayette Co., Pennsylvania
    Connellsville - 4 June 1880
      111 124 Grave Street
      Davis, Waitman   W M 42             Agt Sewing Machines  Penn WVa  Penn
      Carline          W F 39 Wife        Keeping House        Penn Penn Penn
      Mary             W F 13 Dau         At Home              Penn Penn Penn
      Waitman          W M 17 Adopted Son At School            Penn Penn Penn
    1880 Census - Fayette Co., Pennsylvania 
    Nicholson TWP - 4 June 1880
      71 71
      Davis, William    M 78 (Blacksmith) PA PA Germany
      Emily             F 53              PA PA VA
      James             M 22              PA PA PA
      Susan             F 20              "  "  "
      Mattie            F 18
      George            M 16
      Waitman           M 15 (Grandson)
      Henry             M 14
      Daniel            M 12
      Ulysses           M 11
      Nettie            F 12 (Granddau.)
      Cramer, Delie     F  9 (Granddau.)
    1881 Centennial History of the Borough of Connellsville, Pennsylvania, 1806-1906
      A Waitman Davis was listed as Constable of Connellsville in 1881
    1881 - West Virginia, Marriages Index, 1785-1971
      Name: Marcellus Waitman Davis
      Gender: Male
      Spouse: Nancy Jane Barb
      Date: 1881
      Place: Monongalia, West Virginia
    1890 Veterans Schedules
      Caroline, widow of Waitman Davis
      Company E, 14th Pa Cavalry
      Enlisted Sep 1862
      Discharged Jun 1865
      Killed on RR after he received his discharge.
    1899 Bedford County, PA Biographies
    (p. 110) WILLIAM S. DAVIS, a prominent citizen now serving as Auditor of Hopewell 
    township, Pa., has been a resident of this place ever since his birth on 
    November 30, 1851.  He is a son of Alexander Davis and the grandson of Isaiah 
    Davis, who, as a pioneer settler of the township of Hopewell, contributed his 
    full share toward changing a pathless wilderness to a rich agricultural region 
    capable of producing in great abundance the fruits of the soil common to 
    northern latitudes.
      Alexander Davis, now a venerable man of eighty-five years, is spending his 
    declining days in Everett, Pa., enjoying the leisure and comforts of life well-
    earned by long-continued toil.  He was educated in the subscription schools of 
    his early day, and when a young man was engaged for several terms in teaching in 
    Hopewell township, Pa.  At a later period he learned the blacksmith's trade, 
    which he subsequently followed during his years of activity in conjunction with 
    general farming.  A man of resolute purpose, honest in his dealings with his 
    fellow-men, he occupied a place of influence in Hopewell township, which he 
    served many years as Justice of the Peace, being familiarly known for miles 
    around as Esquire Davis.  He was also Postmaster at Yellow Creek for a long 
    while.  The mail at that day was carried on horseback from Cumberland to 
    Huntingdon.  He was a Deacon in the Presbyterian church, of which he was a 
    prominent member and one of the most valued workers.  His wife, whose maiden 
    name was Mary Snider, passed to life immortal in 1881.  They reared a large 
    family of children, three of whom, all now deceased - Isaiah M., John N., and 
    James P. - served in the Civil War.  The four surviving children are: Hettie M., 
    wife of John B. Tobias, of Everett, Pa.; William S., the special subject of this 
    sketch; and Thomas A. and Oliver F., both of Everett, Pa.
      William S. Davis received a practical education in the public schools, and 
    since arriving
    at man's estate has been identified with the highest interests of his township.  
    By enterprising industry and progressive methods he has improved a good farm, on 
    which he is successfully carrying on the various branches of agriculture.  He 
    ranks high as a farmer, and in public affairs exerts a good influence.  He has 
    served one term as School Director of Hopewell township, was for a number of 
    years Assessor of the same, and has been Road Supervisor, and is now serving his 
    second term as Auditor of the town.  Politically, he is a straightforward 
    Republican, and, fraternally, he belongs to Amicitia Lodge, No. 775, I.O.O.F., 
    at Loysburg, Pa.
      On September 7, 1872, Mr. Davis married Miss Isabella Fink, daughter of the 
    late James Fink, of Hopewell.  She is the grand-daughter of an early pioneer of 
    this township, one Valentine Fink, who settled here at an early day, coming from 
    his former home in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.  James Fink was a man of 
    considerable prominence in local affairs, and in addition to filling many of the 
    township offices he was for many years a Justice of the Peace.  He died in 1872.  
    His widow, whose maiden name was Susan Fluke, still lives in Hopewell township, 
    an active an highly esteemed woman, who has just passed the seventieth milestone 
    on life's journey.  Of their children seven survive, most of them living in 
    Hopewell township, as follows: John W.; Solomon J.; Lydia A., wife of Levi 
    Fluke; Mrs. Davis; Samuel M.; James M.; and Harry D.  Mr. and Mrs. Davis have 
    one child, Alexander W. Davis.  Mr. Davis has been an Elder in the Reformed 
    church, of which both he and Mrs. Davis are active members.
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