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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Michael Bumbaugh
    Birth: 28 Sep 1784 - Pennsylvania
    Death: 13 Aug 1863 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania
    Marriage: 19 Jan 1810 - Shenandoah County, Virginia
Mary Magdalene Kleindinst
    Birth: ABT 1785 - Virginia
    Death: 10 Jan 1851 - Mont Alto, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
  David Bumbaugh
    Born 1810 - Virginia
     Died -
   Andrew Bumbaugh
    Born 01 Jul 1811 -
     Died 22 Jul 1838 -
   Catherine Bumbaugh
    Born 04 Jun 1813 -
     Died 31 Dec 1814 -
  Isaac Bumbaugh
    Born 20 Mar 1815 - Maryland
     Died -
  Joseph Bumbaugh
    Born 07 Dec 1816 - Adams County, Pennsylvania
     Died 24 Dec 1908 - Liberty Furnace, Shenedoah County, Virginia
  James W. Bumbaugh
    Born 16 Feb 1818 - Pennsylvania
     Died 13 Nov 1879 - McKeesport, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
  William Bumbaugh
    Born 08 Aug 1820 - Pennsylvania
     Died -
   Elizabeth Bumbaugh
    Born 27 Dec 1824 - Pennsylvania
     Died 31 Aug 1831 -
  Emily Bumbaugh
    Born 15 Mar 1827 - Pennsylvania
     Died 16 Apr 1889 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania
   John Bumbaugh
    Born 15 Oct 1829 - Pennsylvania
     Died 07 Jul 1831 -
  Mary J. Bumbaugh
    Born 04 Jul 1831 - Pennsylvania
     Died BEF 1865 -
  • Quincy TWP, Franklin County, PA USGS Map

  • Notes:

    Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
    1810 - 975.595 V2a Shenandoah Co., VA Marriage Bonds 1772-1850
        Boombaugh, Mich'l -- Clinedinst, Mary
        Jan. 19, 1810 Bondsman: John Holler
    1810 Census - Shenandoah County, Virginia
        Thomas Bumbaugh
          1 Male 16-25
          1 Male 46 and above
          1 Female 11-15
        Michael Bumbaugh
          1 Male 0-10
          2 Males 16-25
          1 Female 11-15
    1811 - From
    1810 - 1816
      Oct 7, 1811
      Michael Kleindienst is appointed guardian to Polly Stockdale, 
      orphan of J. Stockdale, under 14 years of age.
    1814 Septennial Census of Pennsylvania
      Franklin County, Washington TWP
      Bumbaugh, Michael   Collier
    1820 Census - Franklin County, Pennsylvania
    Washington TWP
        Bomebaugh, Daniel  1--1-- 1-1-- -1
         1 Male 0-10
         1 Male 16-26
         1 Female 0-10
         1 Female 16-26
        Bomebaugh, John    2---1- 2-2-- -1
         2 Males 0-10
         1 Male 26-45
         2 Females 0-10
         2 Females 16-26
        Bomebaugh, Michael 5---1- 1--1- -1
         5 Males 0-10
         1 Male 26-45
         1 Female 0-10
         1 Female 16-26
    1820 Census - Huntingdon Co., PA - Woodberry TWP
        John Bumbach       1--1-- 1-1-- -1
    1821 Septennial Census of Pennsylvania
      Franklin County, Washington TWP
      Bumbaugh, Michael  Collier
    1830 Census - Franklin Co., Washington TWP PA
        Brumbaugh, Michael  1123001  2000001
        ditto antwerp TWP
        Brumbaugh, David  00000001 (50-60) 221001
        Brumbaugh, Elias  00010    0
    1838 - Quincy TWP formed from Washington TWP
    1840 Census - Huntingdon Co., PA Huntingdon Borough
        John Boombaugh
         1 Male 15-20
         1 Male 20-30
         1 Male 50-60
         2 Females 5-10
         1 Female 10-15
         1 Female 20-30
         1 Female 40-50
    1840 Census - Franklin County, PA - Quincy TWP
        David Brumbaugh  12-11-1  2---1
        Mich'l Brumbaugh ---14-11 -11---11
        Huntington Co., Woodbury TWP
        p. 146
        Rombaugh, John
    1842 Septennial Pennsylvania Census
      Franklin County, Quincy Township
      Davis, William    Founder
      Bumbaugh, John    Moulder
      Bumbaugh, Michael Collier
      Bumbaugh, David   Moulder
      Bumbaugh, James     do
      Bumbaugh, William   do
    1843 - Tax List of Franklin County, PA
    Quincy TWP - 974.844 R4c of the SLC Library
      Bumbaugh, David     0 Acres H=0 C=0 Value=100 Moulder
      Bumbaugh, James     0 Acres H=0 C=0 Value=100 Moulder
      Bumbaugh, John      0 Acres H=0 C=0 Value=10  Moulder
      Bumbaugh, Michael   0 Acres H=0 C=1 Value=432 Collier, House lot at Furnace
      Bumbaugh, William   0 Acres H=0 C=1 Value=108 ??
      Davis, William      1 Acres H=0 C=0 Value=400 House
      Davis, William      0 Acres H=1 C=1 Value=588 Founder, house lot Barouche
    1850 Census - Franklin Co., PA Quincy TWP
    	40 42
    	Michael Bumbaugh 66 M Miner - 420       PA
    	Magdalene        64 F                   Virginia
    	David            40 M Moulder           Virginia
    	Isaac            35 M Moulder           Maryland
    	Emily            23 F                   PA
    	James            31 M Founder           Maryland
    	Joseph           34 M Forgeman          PA
    	Mary J.          18 F                   PA
    	William          29 M Moulder           PA
    1860 Census - Fayette Co., Pennsylvania Nicholson TWP
    	59 59
    	Wm. Davis Farmer 6000 1000	59 M Pa.
    	Emily				35 F
    	John				22 M [corr from orig transcript]
    	Mary				15 F
    	Sarah				14 F
    	Samuel				12 M
    	Hannah				 9 F
    	Cathren				 8 F
    	Emily			 	 6 F
    	Wm.				 4 M
    	James				 2 M
    	Susan				10/12 F
    	Michel Bombaugh			80 M
    1863 - William Davis Family Bible
      Michael Bumbaugh, died August 13th, 1863
    1920 Census -
      Found Bumbaugh's in Franklin Co., Quincy City, also Mont Alto in Franklin Co.
      Found Samuel Bumbaugh 65 bn. Pennsylvania with Margaret (59) and Charles E. (17) 
      living in Mont Alto, Franklin, PA
    misc - Gibson's History of York Co., PA
    p. 273-4 The Pennsylvania Germans 1884
    (After talking about the opposition of Germans to public education)... And the encouraging fact is
    worthy of mention, just here, that one sect even of the Tunkers - "The Brethren" have advanced so far
    in the matter of education as to establish an institution of learning (called, it is beleived, the
    Normal College), at Huntingdon, conducted on the general plan of other similar schools, and which is
    under the exclusive supervision and control of men of that particular faith.  Elder James Quinter as
    its President, who together with H.B. Brumbaugh, Dr. A.B. Brumbaugh, and J.B. Brumbaugh consitute the
    board of trustees...
    929.2 B834b Volume 2 Brumbach Families - Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh
    Michael Brumbaugh married Mary ________, and according to the statemenets of the late Joseph
    Brumbaugh, the family lived at or near Funkstown [Franklin County] and Carlisle, Adams County, PA. 
    The sons were "men who work in forges, and mostly talked of iron." The children were at least seven,
    Joseph, born Dec. 7, 1816 & Isaac, David, James, William, Emily, and Mary.
    Joseph Brumbaugh, born Dec. 17, 1816, at Funkstown or Carlisle, PA, went to Virginia in 1834 and many
    times returned to Pennsylvania to revisit his parents.  He was a " Forgeman"; member G.B.B. CH.
    [German Baptist Brethren Church] and September 20, 1840, at New Market, Shenandoah Co., VA, married
    Mary E. Cauldwell, born July 8, 1822 at Pine Forge, Shenandoah Co., VA; daughter of Mark and Mary
    (Smith) Cauldwell.  Mary died May 8, 1891 at Conicville, Shenandoah Co., VA and Joseph died Dec 24,
    1908 near Liberty Furnace, same county.  Both were buried at Conicville.
    IGI 1992 edition:
    Pennsylvania #1311
    James Bumbaugh married Isabella Peterson abt 1839
    	Film #F516906 0015
    John Bumbaugh bn 15 Oct 1829 child child SP: 1 Dec 1990 Dallas
    	Film #F516906 0017
    Joseph Bumbaugh bn 17 Dec 1817
    	Film #F516906 0017 (altered)
    Elizabeth Bumbaugh bn 27 Dec 1824 child child SP:1 Dec 1990 DA
    	Film #F516906 0017 Michael and Mrs. Magdalina Bumbaugh
    Michael Bumbaugh bn 28 Sep 1784
    	Film #F516906 0017 Spouse: Mrs. Magdalina Bumbaugh
    William Bumbaugh bn 8 Aug 1820
    	Film #F516906 0016 Michael & Mrs. Magdalina Bumbaugh
    Sandra Kinter
    8221 Idaho Dr.
    Ft. Wayne, Ind 46815
    	Has Brumbaugh ancestry in Huntingdon Co., PA
    	Contact Dean Kinter (219) 747-9321
    Index to Gibson's History of York Co., PA
    Brumbaugh, 241
    Klinedinst 187,194,180,201,188,187,188,194
    From Scott Bumbaugh:
    The Bible information is (I believe) from the Bible of Mary J. (possibly T.) Bumbaugh who married
    Charles E. Newman.  The Bible was given to my father (Robert Edwards Bumbaugh, Jr). by Frank Taylor
    Bumbaugh.  I don't know how Frank acquired it.
    Here is a transcription of the Bible information:
    Marriages:  Charles E. Newman [sic] and Mary J. Bumbaugh were married December 21st, A.D. 1851
    David Bumbaugh born in October 1809
    Andrew Bumbaugh born 6th July 1811
    Catharine Bumbaugh was born on the 4th June 1813
    Isaac Bumbaugh as born on the 20th March 1815
    Joseph Bumbaugh was born on the 17th December 1816 (possibly 1817:  the page is torn and the last
    letter is only partially visible)
    James Bumbaugh was born on Feby 16 1819
    William Bumbaugh was born on 8th August 1820
    Elizabeth Bumbaugh was born on 27th December 1824
    Emily Bumbaugh was born on 15th March 1827
    John Bumbaugh was born on the 15th October 1829
    Mary Bumbaugh was born on 4th July 1831
    Michael Bumbaugh was born the 28th of September 1784
    Polly Bumbaugh was born Nov 11th 1786
    Elizabeth C. Bumbaugh was born 17th day of May 1851; born in Quincy Township, Franklin County, Pa.
    Horace Bradley Neuman [sic] was born on the 8th of June 1856.  Born in Funkstown.
    Charles E. Neuman [sic] was born 20th day of April 1827.  Born in Franklin Township, Adams County,
    Jesse David [these two names are scratched out] Neuman.  Below the name is written John Byers was
    born on the 25th day of January 1850.  Born in Quincy Township, Franklin County, Pa.  Mont Alto
    Emily Hadasa Neuman [sic] was born on the 20th day of December 1854 Born in Franklin Township AD
    Catherine Bumbaugh departed this life upon the 31st December A.D. 1814
    Andrew Bumbaugh departed this life upon the 22 July A.D. 1838
    Elizabeth Bumbaugh departed this life upon the 31st July AD 1831
    John Bumbaugh departed this life upon the 7th August AD 1831
    Polly Bumbaugh departed this life upon the 10th Jany AD 1851 aged 55 years, 1 mo. 30 days.  Buried at
    St. Johns graveyard near Funksotwn, Franklin Co., PA.  Funeral sermon delivered by Rev. C.K. [?]
    Funkhouser from Chambersburg the 7th Chapter of the first Corinthians 29th verse
    Horace Bradley Neuman [sic] died on the 21st Day of February 1857 aged 8 months and 13 Days.  Buried
    at Funkstown, funeral sermon delivered by Rev. M. Dm. Giles
    I have yet to determine who Elizabeth C. Bumbaugh is.  My own personal opinion is that she was
    probably a daughter of David Bumbaugh (born October 1809) and his wife, Sarah A. Nunemaker.  She
    would easily fit in between their daughter Catherine (born 1849) and their son Samuel (born 1854).  I
    also find the name Jesse David Neuman interesting.  Who is he, and why was his name scratched out, to
    be replaced by John Byers Neuman?
    Next Time:
    Need to write to Bumbaugh relative in Oregon
    Check for United Brethren records
    Check for anything in Franklin Co., PA
    2013-07-27 20:11:44
    Statement on Michael Bumbaugh family from Scott Bumbaugh -- David G Brewer 
    I am looking for information on the family of Mary Magdalina Clinedinst and Michael Bumbaugh of
    Shenandoah County, Virginia and Franklin County, Pennsylvania.
    Mary Magdalina, also known as Polly, Clinedinst was born 11 November 1786 in either Virginia or York
    County, Pennsylvania. On 19 January 1810, in Shenandoah County, Virginia, she married Michael
    Bumbaugh (son of Andrew Bumbaugh ???). Mary Magdalina died 10 January 1851 in Mont Alto, Franklin
    County, Pennsylvania, and is buried in the Rose Road Cemetery in Mont Alto. Michael was born 28
    September 1784 in Pennsylvania. He died 13 August 1864 (1863) in (Nicholson Township), Fayette
    County, Pennsylvania.
    Michael and Polly had eleven children that I am aware of:
    a. David Bumbaugh, born October 1809 in (Shenandoah County?) Virginia. He married Sarah A. Nunemaker.
    They made their home in Mont Alto, Franklin County, PA.
    b. Andrew Bumbaugh, born 1 July 1811; died 22 July 1838.
    c. Catherine Bumbaugh, born 4 June 1813; died 31 December 1814.
    d. Isaac Bumbaugh, born 20 March 1815 in Maryland.
    e. Joseph Bumbaugh (changed his name to Brumbaugh), born 17 December 1817 (1816) in Funkstown,
    Carlisle County, Pennsylvania. He died 24 December 1908 in Liberty Furnace, Shenandoah County,
    Virginia, and is buried in Conicville, Sheandoah County, VA. He married Mary Elizabeth Cauldwell, the
    daughter of Mark Cauldwell and Mary Smith.
    f. William Bumbaugh, born 8 August 1820 in Pennsylvania.
    g. James W. Bumbaugh, born 16 February 1818 (1819) in Pennsylvania. He died 1877 in (McKeesport,
    Allegheny County ???), Pennsylvania. He was married to Isabella Peterson.
    h. Elizabeth Bumbaugh, born 27 December 1824 in Pennsylvania. She died 31 August 1831.
    i. Emily Bumbaugh, born 15 March 1827 in Pennsylvania. She died 16 April 1889 in (Nicholson Township
    ?), Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She was married to William Davis (his second wife).
    j. John Bumbaugh, born 15 October 1829 in Pennsylvania, died 7 July 1831.
    k. Mary J. (or T.) Bumbaugh, born 4 July 1831 in Pennsylvania. She died before 1865. She married
    Charles E. Neuman (his first wife).
    I would appreciate any information on this family, especially concerning the parents of Mary
    Magdalina Clinedinst. I can be contacted at Thanks in advance!
    2003-07-31 22:02:13