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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Johann Andreas Christoph Emme Other Spouses:
    Birth: 13 Nov 1798 - Gross Schneen, Hannover, Prussia
    Death: 19 Sep 1881 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania
    Marriage: -
Wilhelmine (Minna)
    Birth: -
    Death: -
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
  Mared Emme
    Born - Germany
     Died -
  Rachael Emme
    Born 1825 - Germany
     Died 23 Sep 1901 -
  Peter Emme
    Born 1826 - Germany
     Died -
  William G. Emme  
    Born 18 Aug 1830 - Hanover, Germany
     Died 13 Sep 1901 - Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
1798 IGI - 

	EMME, Johann Andreas Christoph (M)	C: 18 Nov 1798
	Father: Johann Christoph Ludwig Emme	Gross Schneen, Hannover,
	Mother: Dorothee E. VON SCHWANEFLUGEL	Prussia

1798 Baptism of Johann Andreas Christoph Emme

    Tauf-Urkunde Auszug aus dem Verzeichnis der Getauften der evang.-luth. Kirchengemeinde: Gr. Schneen Jahrgang: 1798 Pag: 30 Lfd. Nr.: 19 Familienname: Emme Vornamen (Rufname unterstreichen) : Johann, Andreas, Christoph geb am: 13 Nov 1798 in: Gr. Schneen Name, Stand und Wohnort der Eltern: Fater: Emme, Johann, Christoph, Ludwig, Schneider Mutter: Emme, Dorothee, Marie, Elizabeth geb. von Schwaneflugel beide aus Gr. Schneen hat am: 18 Nov. 1798 in der ev.-luth. Kirche zu: Gr. Schneen das Sakrament der heiligen Taufe empfangen Name, Stand und Wohnort der Taufzeugen: 1) Andreas Heinrich Riclefeld 2) Andreas Draeger 3) Johannes Schelper aus Gr. Schneen Ausgezogen: Gr. Schneen, den 3 Nov 1972
1836 - 974.8 B2wg Gutendorf & Devlin Naturalization Lists 1820-1840 June 20, 1836 declaration Folder 229 Andreas Emme US District Court - Western District of PA 1836 - National Archives and Records Administration Selected US Naturalization Records - Original Documents, 1790-1974 United States, Western District of Pennsylvania
    At Pittsburgh, on the twentieth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty six. Andreas Emme a native of Hanover came before the Clerk of the said Court and filed the declaration of his intention to become a citizen of the United States, in such cases made and provided as follows: I, Andreas Emme, a native of Hanover and heretofore a subject of the king of Great Britain and Ireland, do swear, that it is bona fide my intention to become a citizen of the United States, and to renounce and abjure forever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty whatever; and particularly to renouce and abjure forever all allegiance and fidelity to the king of Great Britain and Ireland, whereof I was heretofore a subject. Sworn and subscribed this 20th day of June A.D. 1836 [signature of Andreas Emme] Cor. C. J. Roberts
1840 Census - Beaver County, PA - New Sewickly TWP (City of Freedom) Andrew Emmy 1 Male 5-10 1 Male 10-15 1 Male 20-30 1 Male 40-50 1 Female 10-15 1 Female 30-40 1840 Census - Allegheny Co. PA Birmingham Borough p. 234 Ludwick Emme 1 male - (60-70) 1840 Naturalizations of Beaver County, PA 1804-1840 974.892 P4c EMME, Andrew - Native of Hanover. Arrived in USA January 3, 1835 Intention filed in Allegheny County, PA on June 20, 1836. Certified September 23, 1840. Witness was Christopher Schoneman. 1845 Beaver Co. "Argus" Genealogical Gleanings 974.982 V28w EMME, Andrew, Freedom Locksmith, dissolves partnership with Christ. Shoeneman 14 May 1845 1850 Census - Alleghey Co. PA Birmingham p.047 23 24 Andrew Emma 50 M Machinist 1500 England Ann 48 F Penn Daniel 4 M Penn Molly Beaty 9 F Germany 135 151 Andrew Stackhouse ... Peter Emma 24 M Laborer Germany Elizabeth 17 F Germany (married within year) 1860 Census - Allegheny Co., PA Birmingham Borough P. 102 613 740 Andrew Emme 59 M Machinist 5000 4000 Hanover Hannah 56 F PA Daniel 14 M PA 1870 Census Index, Pennsylvania Fayette Co. Springhill TWP Roll 1343 p. 464 264 264 Emme, David H. 24 M W Farm Laborer PA Father, Mother of foreign birth Thyer? 24 F W Keeping House PA 265 265 Emme, Andrew 72 M W Farmer Hanover Annie 67 F W Keeping House PA 1880 Census, Springhill TWP, Fayette, PA (June 26, 1880) 144 Emme, Andrew W M 82 Farmer Goettingus, Germany Annie W F 78 Wife Keeping House PA PA PA Emme, Daniel W M 35 Farmer PA Gatinger PA Minnia W F 8 Daughter PA PA PA Catherine W F 7 Daughter PA PA PA Samuel W M 5 PA PA PA Mary E. W F 6/12 Feb PA PA PA 1899 Orphan's Court Index - Fayette Co., Pa. Emme, Daniel H. Wid Apt Dec 1899 Vol 27 pg 112 Admr Dec 1900 Vol 28 pg 157 misc. Nelson's History of Fayette Co. p.1118 Biography of Daniel Hamilton Emme Daniel Hamilton Emme was born in Freedom, Beaver County, Pa, April 12, 1846, and is the youngest of four children. He is the son of Andrew Emme, who was born in Hanover, Germany, November 9, 1800, and died in Springhill township, Pa., eighty years later. At the age of fifteen he enlisted in the German army and under Wellington did his part at the famous battle of Waterloo. He came to this country in 1833, and having previously become a millwright, spent the balance of his working days in the machine shops of Pittsburg, Pa. In 1868 he decided to leave that city, so bought what was then the Lewis Hunter farm, where he removed his family and passed the remainder of his life in peace and quietude in this retired and healthful spot. This farm is now owned and managed by his son Daniel. His wife was Anna, daughter of Daniel Cooper, one of the soldiers of the Revolutionary army. She was born in Beaver County, Pa., in 1803. Her mother was also a native of that country, but her people were of German and Irish descent. Of their children, none but Daniel and his brother William, of Haydentown, are living. October 7, 1869, Daniel Emme married Miss Thira, daughter of Samuel and Catherine Huntley, who at that time were living in Monongalia county, W. Va., but formerly lived in Georges township, Fayette County, Pa. The huntleys had originally intended to go to Ohio, but stopping in Connellsville on their way, in consequence of the illness of Mrs. Huntley, decided to make their home in Fayette county. They were probably of English descent. Her mother's family were of German descent and came to this county from Harper's Ferry, W. Va., at an early day. Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Emme have five children: Minnie Ann, Catherine Alice, Samuel David, Mary Elizabeth, and Charles Andrew, all of whom are still at home with their parents. In 1870 a valuable vein of fire-clay was found on the Emme farm, which is fast taking the place of the famous pot clay which was formerly imported from Germany. Mr. Emme ships annually to the Clay Pot Company of Pittsburg, Pa., about eight hundred tons of this clay, which is sold on special contract on account of its superior quality. He also owns and manages a saw mill. He was educated in the common school of Pittsburg, and brings to the county the intelligence and culture which were there instilled into his life. Like his father, he also entered the military service at the age of fifteen. He enlisted July 20, 1861, in Company L, Twenty-Eighth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. In October, 1862, he was transferred to Company A, One Hundred and Forty-seventh Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, in which he served to the end of the war, and was in many battles, but was never wounded nor was he ever in a hospital. He was discharged in 1864 near Atlanta, Ga., whence he returned to his old home in Freedom, Pa. After coming home he learned ship carpentering, at which he worked until he removed with his father to Springhill township in 1867, where he has ever since resided. In 1868 he joined Gallatin Lodge, I.O.O.F., of Smithfield, Pa. He is also a member of the G.A.R. Jerry Jones Post. He is a staunch Republican, and his party has elected him a justice of the peace, which office he is now filling. With his family he worships in the Springhill Presbyterian church, and lives a consistent Christian life. MISCELLANEOUS: A child named Henrich was listed in this family by Bernard Mayhle, but may be Henry Krummel, who along with his sister Wilmeene, had been taken under the guardianship of Andrew Emme in Beaver County, Pennsylvania in 1839 when their father, Ludwick Krummel died. Bernard's information comes from his Grandmother, who said that she remembers mention of Henry in the family, which Bernard had assumed was William Emme's brother. Beth Krummel ( provided the guardianship information, which will be posted here soon.
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