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Name:  Elizabeth Anne Brewer   
City:  Acworth
State:  Georgis
Country:  USA

Daughter of Clifford Lee Brewer & Linda Eloise Frost

Posted: Sunday December 25, 2011 11:48 PM    

Name:  Tonya E Brewer-hunt     Send E-Mail
City:  Henderon
State:  Nevada
Country:  Clark

I'm Tonya E Brewer daugter of Arthur M Brwer grand daughter of Brainard B Brewer born 1901 in dallas Texas died in march 1969 in california - and I'm Grt grand daughter of John J Brewer born in Georgia married to Nancy Jane Fariley -Brewer born in Ill 1867.
and Grt Grt. Grand daughter of Ellen A Brewer Born in Sc 1833
Any help to reserch my family tree would be great.
Thank you
Tonya E Brewer

Posted: Sunday December 11, 2011 05:00 PM    
Name:  William Scott Brewer   
City:  Richmond
State:  Kentucky
Country:  USA

Just checking the site out, stumbled on it, My father is William Denvil Brewer Jr. Son of William Denvil Brewer of Irvine, KY.

Posted: Monday December 05, 2011 04:48 PM    
Name:  Robert Brewer   
City:  Akron
State:  Ohio
Country:  Summit

Grandma migrated, as a widow,to this area from Paducah KY sometime around the 1920'sIlegle

Posted: Friday December 02, 2011 07:26 PM    
Name:  Brenda-Lee Kuykendall     Send E-Mail
City:  Wei├čenhorn
State:  Germany
Country:  Bayern

I have a question?
I hope you can help me!
I look for a man named Chester Brewer, 1987, he was stationed in in Neu-Ulm in the Nelson Barracks.
Unfortunately, I do not know much about him, but he was very good at karate.
who knows anything please write back!

Posted: Wednesday November 23, 2011 10:18 AM    
Name:  S Brown   

Looking for descendents of Dr. John F. Brewer who had a family practice in Kerr (Lonoke County), Arksansas. Dr. Brewer was our family physician back in the early 1930s thru probably the 1950s. Wondering if there are any medical records for my family from that time period -- hoping the records weren't destroyed. He had a couple of sons (John Jr. and Fletcher and possibly 3 daughters - Martha, Lois and Patsi). Any help would be appreciated.

Posted: Monday November 14, 2011 04:51 PM    
Name:  Isabel White Sullivan     Send E-Mail
City:  Mandeville
State:  LA
Country:  USA

Just looking - trying to find where I came from. My father is Samuel Harvey White, Jr (dob 7/11/34.) His father was Samuel Harvey White (dob 9/24/1898?) I'm guessing that my great-grandfather was Samuel Isaac White. I would love to know more

Posted: Thursday November 03, 2011 03:06 PM    
Name:  Betsy Brewer Welsh     Send E-Mail
City:  Des Moines
State:  iowa
Country:  USA

My Grandfather Thomas Grady Brewer, died May 1948 in Big Springs Texas. He was married to Elizabeth Naomi Potts Of Breckenridge Ky. I cannot find a marriage record anywhere. some relatives say they believe they were married in Alabama. She died Elizabeth baker june 1978.

Posted: Monday October 31, 2011 04:18 AM    
Name:  DHoneywell     Send E-Mail
City:  Vienna
State:  VA
Country:  USA

Terrell Brewer, Chatham County, North Carolina. I would like to know more about him and his family. Thanks for any assistance!

Posted: Wednesday October 12, 2011 07:09 AM    
Name:  Gina Belew   
City:  Florence
State:  Alabama
Country:  USA

My grandmother was Mary Bett Stults Purser, daughter of Nancy Lucinda Brewer Stults, who was daughter of George Marion Brewer (Easter Brewer) son of Enoch Brewer (Jane Cantrell). I believe they originated in VA from England...then Arkansas...and lived in Wayne or Lawrence County Tennesse when they died.
I would love to see pictures anyone has of any of the people mentioned above and/or other family members. My grandma's home burned when I was a child and a lot of family photos were lost. Thanks so much.

Posted: Thursday October 06, 2011 02:27 PM    
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