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Name:  Graham Wright     Send E-Mail
City:  Knebworth
State:  Herts
Country:  England

Further to below, E mail address attached!!!!.

Posted: Thursday August 09, 2001 03:56 PM    

Name:  Graham Wright   
City:  Knebworth
State:  Herts
Country:  England

Any Brewers who have traced relatives back to Bedfordshire in early 1800's, esp Dunstable & Woburn, please contact me.

I have traced back to William Brewer, born Dunstable 1783, who married Charlotte Shomme at Woburn in 1815.

I will exchanged any information, look forward to hearing from you.

Posted: Thursday August 09, 2001 03:54 PM    
Name:  Russell Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  Calhoun
State:  Georgia
Country:  United States

Here is what I know (any help would be appreciated):

James Quisenbury Brewer m. Jane Monroe Stone in Wilson Co. NC Moved to TN in 1838
Henry W. b. 1830 NC
Martha b. 1852 NC
Samuel b. 1834 NC
Josiah b. 1835 NC
Elijah b. 1838 NC
Catherine b. 1840 TN

Samuel drove a heard of cattle from Decatur Co. Tennessee to Texas and continued to live there.

Henry W. m. Sally Hedge
Sarah m. Hill
Mary Jane m. Taylor
Susan m. Wilmuth
Beaty m. Hill
Josephine m. Fowler
Katherine d. @ 12-14 yrs old
Josiah b. Dec 25, 1875

Josiah m. Ethel Lee Wood
Kenneth Ancel Brewer b. Feb 8, 1916 d. June 17, 2001
Edna Sue Brewer b. Sep 25, 1921
Henry Noel Brewer b. April 14, 1923 d. July 23, 2001
Max Lee Wayne Brewer b. June 13, 1935

Kenneth Ancel Brewer m. Dora Jewell Kennedy Feb 16, 1952
Russell Lee Brewer b. July 6, 1966 (THIS IS ME)

Posted: Saturday July 28, 2001 12:10 PM    
Name:  Philip Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  Bedford
State:  Bedfordshire
Country:  United Kingdom

My fathers name is Terrence Denver Brewer i realy dont know much about my familys history at all, the Brewers in our family come frome Cornwall in the Uk my Grandfather was in the Royal Navy and he retiried in Bristol as a teacher i think thats all i know so its a long shot.

I work in a Brewery lol.

Posted: Friday July 06, 2001 06:34 AM    
Name:  Carl Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  Sugar Land
State:  Texas 77478-7128
Country:  USA

Searching for the Ans. of Drury Brewer/Abigale Knight. B. abt 1765,
d. 1847 Morgan Co., Ga. Have extensive info on this family. Wishing
contact and swap info with anyone interested in this line.
Carl Brewer, Sugar Land, Texas

Posted: Thursday July 05, 2001 09:57 PM    
Name:  Deborah R. Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  Waterford
State:  Michigan
Country:  USA

I am researching as much and as far back as I can on my fathers side of the family(Brewer)I know my Great Grandfathers name was Porter Brewer who married Ida( not sure of year) they had one child my grandfather Delbert Brewer who married Trudy Prestiage and they had one child my father who's name is Porter Colon Brewer. If there is anyone who has information on ties to Brewer family from davisburg/Flint Michigan or beyond I would be ever so greatful.
Thank You
Deborah Brewer

Posted: Monday July 02, 2001 03:45 PM    
Name:  John Richard Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  Fort Worth
State:  TX
Country:  USA

My father was Lyman Harold brewer, born in Pettigrew Arkansas July 18, 1904. He was the oldest of twelve, most born in Albuquerque, NM. I would like ot know more about my family.

Posted: Tuesday June 12, 2001 04:39 PM    
Name:  Anna Brewer     Send E-Mail
State:  Missouri
Country:  USA

Hi everyone,

What a great place to find. I knew the Brewer tree was big but this is fantastic. I am hoping someone will make a connection with the following information.

Looking for information on Solomon Brewer who is believed to be the son of Lanier Brewer, Jr. My Solomon was born about 1790 and is the father of George, Sarah, Amy, James, Rachel, Joseph (our branch, born about 1818), Julie, John, two more children (Elice? and Enja?), Isaac and Jane. Can anyone help me here?

Anna Brewer

Posted: Sunday May 20, 2001 09:17 AM    
Name:  Winnifred Evans   
City:  Lethbridge
State:  Alberta
Country:  Canada

I am searching for the birth of Joseph BOWDEN whom I believe
was born in North Molton in the 1850's. His father was
Henry Bowden who was a carter. .To South Molton-- In the 1861
census,I have located Joseph,(9 years) William and James living with a
family of Webbers, whom I believe to be their Maternal
Grandparents..on the same census, Is Henry,(b. 1829), Elizabeth
(b.1829) and children Elizabeth, Mary, John, and Jane (1 month)
I have looked in many places and seem to be missing something as
I can't find Joseph's birth. Any help appreciated. Win

Posted: Friday May 11, 2001 09:47 PM    
Name:  Sheila Davis     Send E-Mail
City:  Oakland
State:  Maine 04963
Country:  U.S.

Hi relatives; I'm searching for info on my gggrandmother Emma Brewer whom married Jonathan Allen in Canada. Thanks for any help. Sheila

Posted: Tuesday March 20, 2001 07:22 PM    
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