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Name:  Susan Hollis     Send E-Mail
City:  Littleton
State:  CO

I descend from Ambrose Brewer, Joab Brewer, Braxton Brewer, Mary Brewer Baker, Sarah Baker Burk, Myrtle Ruth Burk, and Pauline Ruth Hysaw Currell. Ambrose and families lived in Hancock Co. TN.

Posted: Tuesday July 01, 2014 04:52 PM    

Name:  judy brewer   
City:  mesa
State:  az
Country:  united states

My daddy is Reed V. Brewer, maryville tenn. Born 2/11/1923.. hi uncle sonny, good to see your part of the electronic age.

Posted: Wednesday June 18, 2014 07:32 PM    
Name:  Teresa Brewer   
City:  Crane
State:  Missouri
Country:  USA

Looking for the parents and ancestors of my paternal grandfather, Robert Glenn Brewer (RG) b. 1908 d.1958 m. Violet Agnes Womack. He had three children, Patricia, Robert and Donald Lee who is my father.

RH Brewer married Lula Mayes and had RG?

There is a census that my RG (went by the name of Glenn Brewer) grandfather was 12 in Amarillo and his mother married a second time to Will Nelson. My father is Donald Lee Brewer Sr. 417 7719547

Posted: Tuesday March 18, 2014 08:47 AM    
Name:  Frances Corado     Send E-Mail
State:  California
Country:  United States

Hi, this message is for Tonya E Brewer, I have 2 lost sisiters and a brother, their names were Anna and Tanya, that were adopted out before I was born, DuPont was the father. They lived in Silverlake or Echo Park.Moms name was Angela Cordova, or Corado at the time.

Posted: Monday February 10, 2014 03:12 PM    
Name:  Patricia Brewer Moore     Send E-Mail
City:  Bristol
State:  TN
Country:  USA

My father passed away when I was 4 years old, therefore I know very little about the Brewer family history. I am recently reitired and want to spend some time tracing my paternal family history. This is the little information I know. My father was William Clyde Brewer, jr. He grew up in Iron City ,TN(Wayne County). His father was Wiliam Clyde Brewer Sr who apparently died from an illness before my father was born.

Posted: Thursday January 16, 2014 09:31 AM    
Name:  Jeffrey D. Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  Okolona
State:  MS
Country:  Chickasaw

I am looking for information on William Brewer who lived in Mayfield Ky. He was married to Sarah Johnson. The children names were Bernice, Helen, James, Brad and Bill. He and his brother owned Machine Shop in Mayfield. William passed away Dec 2 1931.
Jeffrey Brewer

Posted: Saturday November 09, 2013 06:24 PM    
Name:  Sheila Clark   
City:  Mission
State:  Kansas
Country:  United States

researching father's maternal brewer line.
Ida Brewer m. Fred Clark
her father Volentine S. Brewer married Bertha Mae Judd
his father Daniel Pinkerton Morris Brewer married Lucy Ann Wilson
His father Howell Cobb Brewer married 3rd wife Mary Polly Wolfe.
I surmise his father was Ambrose Brewer m. Mary Oma Richardson
Sheila Clark

Posted: Saturday August 24, 2013 07:47 AM    
Name:  Leslie Willhite   
City:  California City
State:  CA
Country:  USA

I don't see any of the descendents of John Allison Brewer (TN) referenced within your pages. Nor the ancestors linking us all.

What do you know about this side of the Brewer line?

Posted: Monday August 19, 2013 03:12 PM    
Name:  charlene cawley     Send E-Mail
City:  north augusta
State:  sc 29841
Country:  usa

looking for robert brewer that lived in the augusta ga and north
augusta sc area years ago. I believe he has passed away.
but need to know if he divorced my aunt Elizabeth Houlk or Houck
that lived in Belvedere sc. Also I need to get in touch with his
son Steven or Stephen. We have land that we need to sell
but we cannot settle the estate until we can get in touch with
my aunt's heirs and either Steven or Robert is one of them.]
Please help My aunt is deceased now.

Posted: Tuesday July 09, 2013 12:55 PM    
Name:  Deborah (Brewer)leonard     Send E-Mail
City:  Eagle point
State:  Oregon
Country:  Usa

Well not much left of the Brewer,s who hale from winston salemm north carolina. I am the granddaughter of set p brewer (my sister who logged on 3/02) as far as I know only Ray Brewer children and my aunt Wanda children are left. All of my uncle kidd childern are no longer living,uncle claude i am not sure of.

Posted: Monday April 29, 2013 04:28 PM    
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