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Name:  Teresa Dorsey   
City:  Canyon
State:  Texas
Country:  USA

I am doing research on the Andrew J Bowden family in Georgia.

Posted: Monday November 07, 2005 05:06 PM    

Name:  Margaret Jordan     Send E-Mail
City:  Cork
Country:  Ireland


My husband has done the yDNA test and matches three Brewers 37/37 and several more at 36/37 etc. We would like to get in touch with Brewers in Kentucky. Hazel Green, Wolfe County is where we think the "break in the yDNA occurred as the Jordan family lived there in the 1800's. I have seen that several Brewers lived nearby at that time and some Brewer families still live there. If you can help with our search or know of someone we could contact please let me know.

Margaret (wife of Randy Jordan)

Posted: Sunday November 06, 2005 02:52 AM    
Name:  Gary E.Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  jonesboro
State:  Ar
Country:  United States

I,gary Edward Brewer also have twins i never seen, my Girlfreind got pregnent,in her 40;s i did not belive her and she meet a man name charles who move her to kanas,city mo. my son;s name Gary brewer jr, and my baby girl stormy sky Brewer,i never seen them i am dieing of cancer, i was born and raised in simpson,la; oh by the way julie,ruth, or rebecca was her name she had a 1979 mercury brown in color i loved that car. thanks Gary Edaard Brewer

Posted: Wednesday October 26, 2005 07:14 PM    
Name:  Gary E.Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  jonesboro
State:  Ar
Country:  United States

my father was Edgar Hiram Brewer,my greatgrandfather is unknown,he died by a fish bone,my mother was grace wanda vincent. i am looking for my lost family i have little time left,can you hope me.thank you Gary e.Brewer

Posted: Wednesday October 26, 2005 02:10 AM    
Name:  Bettye Sparks Busby   
City:  Paragould
State:  Arkansas
Country:  USA

Looking for descendants of Enoch Brewer born 1821 in North Carolina.
Living in Carroll Co. Tn. 1860-1870. Died in Dunklin Co. Missouri 1880
Married 1. Candace Williams, 2. Mary A. Stokes, 3. Polly Ann Kerley 4. Melinda Kerley or Curly.
Will share Brewer info.
Bettye Busby

Posted: Sunday October 09, 2005 02:26 PM    
Name:  Sherry Wells     Send E-Mail
City:  Cave In Rock
State:  IL
Country:  USA

My greatgrandfather was James Lewis Brewer from Wolfe County KY. My grandfather was Roy Goble Brewer originally from Wolfe County Ky. but moved to Campbell County Ky. and raised his family there. He married Mattie Rose of Wolfe County and they had four children Hazel(died when 18 mos. old). Basil, Dorothy and Lorraine. Dorothy was my mother. Anyone who has any information on this part of the Brewers' please let me know.

Posted: Thursday October 06, 2005 08:11 PM    
Name:  George Eddie Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  Channelwiew [hou.]
State:  texas
Country:  Harris

I am the g grandson of george washington brewer&kate pearl armstrong he came from ms. to east tex. he is buried in edom tx.
thomas brewer&sarah hickman I WILL BE GLAD TO SHARE INFO.

Posted: Thursday June 05, 2003 09:21 PM    
Name:  Jana Lee Brewer Stewart     Send E-Mail
City:  Evansville
State:  Indiana
Country:  United States

My cousin Theresa Brewer told me about this site. This is wonderful. I sure do hope that we can help each other with our family history search.

Dad - John Edward Brewer - born Grovehill, Alabama
Mom - Ninalu Joann Evans - born Miami, Florida
Brother - Jeffery Kent Brewer - born Miami, Florida

Posted: Thursday June 05, 2003 08:44 AM    
Name:  Theresa Brewer   
City:  Miami
State:  FL
Country:  USA

Hi- My family the Brewer's are originally from Clarke County Alabama. I am trying to research my family tree, but somehow I keep hitting a wall. My grandfather was John Wesley Brewer and My grandmother was Myrtle Lee Morgan Brewer. They had 9 children. I know that one of their children a daughter was buried in New Prospect Church cemetery in 1941. I know where all the children are including my father Jerry Wayne Brewer.But I don't have My greatgranparents names nor where they may have been born. Nor do I know if they had any brothers or sisters. If anyone can help me I sure would appreciate it. Thanks a million!

Posted: Wednesday June 04, 2003 11:31 PM    
Name:  William Earl Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  Hendersonville
State:  Tn.
Country:  USA

My Dad. William Gilbert Brewer
Mother. Mary Ann Brewer ( Passaway 06_11_00 )
Sister Mary
Brother Robert
Sister Sherry
Sister Nancy
Brother Tommy

Posted: Friday May 30, 2003 04:10 PM    
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