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Name:  Kim Brewer Reyna     Send E-Mail
City:  Mesquite
State:  TX
Country:  USA

My Brewer family is from Winnsboro, TX. Both my grandfather and my grandmother were Brewer's (not from the same line). My great grandfather was Jim Brewer. I don't have any information on my grandmother - Gertrude Alameda Brewer.

Posted: Tuesday March 01, 2011 01:40 PM    

Name:  Rachelle Brewer Contreras     Send E-Mail
City:  Magnolia
State:  Texas
Country:  USA

Hi my name is Rachelle Brewer Contreras and I am the grand daughter of Dr.Charles Brewer the 2nd. I am from Conroe Texas

Posted: Saturday February 19, 2011 06:55 PM    
Name:  Dan Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  Loveland
State:  Ohio
Country:  USA

Researching the Brewer family from Wolfe County Kentucky

Posted: Monday February 07, 2011 06:54 PM    
Name:  Darrell Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  North Port
State:  Fl
Country:  Usa

Hello again! This is Darrell Brewer. As I mentioned earlier I was asking for help tracking down my grandfathers relatives (Albert Brewer). Please if anyone can help provide info my email address is Thank you

Posted: Friday January 21, 2011 05:23 PM    
Name:  Darrell Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  North Port
State:  Fl
Country:  USA

Im am looking for help tracking down my ancestors. My grandfather was Albert William Brewer. I believe he was born in Michigan and had 13 siblings. He served in world war II and recieved the medal of honor. His wife was Clara Bertha Brewer. Her maiden name was Foske. They had two sons Albert(my dad) and Joseph. He has a nephew named Daniel. They were all raised in Florida. Please Help

Posted: Friday January 21, 2011 03:01 PM    
Name:  Bob Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  anaheim
State:  ca
Country:  usa

looking for Brewer's whose family lines come from Cuba City, Wisconsin. My father was Bill Brewer, my Grandfather was Walter S. Brewer.

Posted: Thursday January 13, 2011 04:14 PM    
Name:  Bo Mosley     Send E-Mail
City:  Macon
State:  Ga
Country:  USA

Working on the Brewer family from Telfair Co, Ga.
Arthur Brewer b. 1770-1780 Ga

Posted: Saturday December 25, 2010 08:22 PM    
Name:  Tonya Elizabeth Brewer -     Send E-Mail
City:  Henderson
State:  Nevada
Country:  Clark

I know very little about my family on the Brewer side. my name is Tonya E. Brewer my father was Arthur M. Brewer of california he passed away 6 years ago and took with him our family roots our history. My Dad married my mom Travis P. Stuwart they grew up in the San Fernando Valley California. My grandfather was bernard benjamin Brewer last know address was in Silver Lake California and or Burbank california He was layed to rest at Valhala in North Hollywood calif. unknown on any marriages. my dad told me our family came from tennissee, kentucky, texas, and latter california.
I really feel the need to know where my family came from and i know so very little and it;s sad not knowing.

Posted: Thursday December 09, 2010 10:47 AM    
Name:  Mary Nell Brewer     Send E-Mail
City:  Moss Point
State:  MS
Country:  US

Researching my husband's family. Have hit a brick wall with GGGrandfather, Reese Brewer, Sr., who married Sallie Walley. Reese, Jr. was born in LA in 1834, and lived in MS and AL. Need information on Reese, Sr. Thank you.

Posted: Sunday November 28, 2010 08:08 PM    
Name:  Sara Brewer Hogue     Send E-Mail
City:  Augusta
State:  Georgia
Country:  USA

My earliest Brewer that I have documented is my gggrandfather-John P(ope) H(inton) Brewer.He was in Edgefield District, S.C. Probably came in early 1800s. He gives his birth place in 1850 S.C.census as Conn. He was married to Lucinda C. Heddt(spelling came from a death certificate). He died 7 Oct.1860. Lucinda may be from Batesburg, S.C.
My nephew's FTDNA,67 marker, places us in the Brewer-Lanier line.I cannot get past this man. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You, Sara

Posted: Sunday November 28, 2010 07:26 PM    
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