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Welcome to the FTDNA Project Page for
George Brewer/Sarah Lanier Descendants

The purpose of this site is to expand upon the results of the Brewer DNA Surname Project hosted by FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) at: Specifically, it agregates the participants of the Brewer Family Tree DNA project for those whose haplotypes strongly indicate a descendancy from George Brewer and Sarah Lanier (or one of George Brewer's close relatives).

The Brewer Surname Project uses Y-DNA test results to identify family groups of genetically related living male participants through their matching haplotypes (genetic signatures). Such testing can show a definite relationship exists between two or more males and that they share a common ancestor within genealogical time spans, but not with whom or when. Documented genealogical pedigrees add the missing information. The two sets of data (paper trail and DNA results) compliment and support one another. Here, on this site, we provide the genealogical pedigrees, keyed to the DNA test by individual Kit number. This information is presented on the Pedigrees page where you may find your own genealogical connection to a participant and contact information enabling you to exchange family research with them.

Sharing research and family information amongst the matched members has helped some individuals extend their pedigree three or more generations and to clear up mistaken connections, while others have discovered connections they were previously unaware of. DNA testing has proved to be a fruitful genealogical tool for all of us.

If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, please contact the Webmaster, David Brewer, here.

Brewer-Lanier Family Tree DNA Pedigree Listing

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