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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Albert J. Griffin
    Birth: Jan 1851 - Tennessee
    Death: -
    Marriage: 1873 - United States
Mary J. Bowden
    Birth: 01 Aug 1847 - Alabama
    Death: 05 Jul 1905 - Lawrence County, Tennessee
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
   Ida L. Griffin
    Born 1874 - Tennessee
     Died -
   Maggie L. Griffin
    Born Sep 1876 - Tennessee
     Died -
   James E. Griffin
    Born Aug 1879 - Tennessee
     Died -
   Sallie A. Griffin
    Born Dec 1881 - Tennessee
     Died -
   William M. Griffin
    Born Apr 1885 - Tennessee
     Died -
   Mattie Ella Griffin
    Born Jan 1889 - Tennessee
     Died -

Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
1873 - Tennessee Marriages 1851-1900
  Mary J. Bowden, Female
  Andrew J. Griffin, Male
  29 Jul 1873
  Giles County, Tennessee

1880 Census - Lawrence County, Tennessee
Civil Distrct #12 - 16 June 1880

  62 62 [Next to C.W. Bowden]
  Griffin, A. J.    W M 28    Farmer Tenn Tenn Tenn
  Mary J.           W F 30    Wife   Ala  Tenn N.Car
  Ida L.            W F  5    Dau    Tenn Tenn Tenn
  Maggie            W F  4    Dau    Tenn Tenn Tenn
  James             W M 10/12 Aug Son Tenn Tenn Tenn

1900 Census - Lawrence County, Tennessee
5th Civil District - 15 June 1900

  248 248
  Griffin, Albert J.    Head W M Jan 1851 49 M 27     Tenn Unkn Unkn  Farmer
  Mary J.               Wife W F Aug 1847 52 M 27 8 5 Alab Alab Alab
  Maggie L.             Dau  W F Sep 1876 23 S        Tenn Tenn Alab  Dress Maker
  James E.              Son  W M Aug 1879 20 S        Tenn Tenn Alab  Farmer
  Sallie A.             Dau  W F Dec 1881 18 S        Tenn Tenn Alab  House Work
  William M.            Son  W M Apr 1885 15 S        Tenn Tenn Alab  Farmer
  Mattie E.             Dau  W F Jan 1889 11 S        Tenn Tenn Alab  At School

1910 Census - Lawrence County, Tennessee
5th Civil District - 23 April 1910

  127 130
  Griffin, Albert J.    Head W M 58 Wd Ala  U.S. U.S. Farmer
  ------, Ella          Dau  W F 21 S  Tenn Ala  Tenn

1920 Census - Lawrence County, Tennessee
5th Civil District - 21 January 1920

  217 234 Shoal Creek Road
  Griffin, Albert J.    Head M W 68 M  Ala  Tenn N.C.  Farmer
  ------, Nancy         Wife F W 63 M  Ala  Ala  Ala


Letter from Lois J. Ladd Bowden to her niece Mary J. Griffin.
(daughter of Charles Willis Bowden and Elvira D. Ladd)
(Lois J. Ladd was the second wife of my grandfather James Bowden)

Jun? Jan? 20 18??
Mrs. M. J. Grifin
Dear Niece I guess you will be surprised when you get this as it is the first time I have ever tried
to write to you Emily got too letters from Maggie but did not answer them as she took the sore eye
and now says she will let me write but will write to Maggie when we hear from you this leave us all
able to be up my health is about like it has been for a long time onley as I get oder I am weaker We
hope you are all well. We have had some dredful disagreeable weather but it has been raining today
and is quite warm there was rite smart of sickness amonght children a while back amonght children
mostly but I don't hear of much now we have not heard from any of the children in a long time we got
two letters from Sidney after he left Alabama but have not heard in a long time have not had a letter
from J. N. or Fountain since you moved I guess you have heard that M. White had gone to texas she
went last fall was a year ago I got one letter from her she writes like she was vary well pleased
with the country Emily says she will write some in this I would be glad to see you all if I was able
I would go to see you I would be glad if you would come this spring and bring your least children any
how Your aunt L. J. Bowden.

From Garry Wayne Brewer:

Charles W. Bowden married Elvira D. Ladd on 20 September 1838 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Charles
was a Methodist Minster, his last marriage was in Lawrence County, Tennessee in 1881. A lawsuit was
filed in 1890 in Wayne County, Tennessee by his daughter Mary Bowden Griffin and Margaret Bowden Tice
vs Sidney E. Bowden, James Newton Bowden and L.P. Bowden, the last 5 of 7 children stating C.W.Bowden
died in 1883 and his wife E.D. Ladd Bowden died March of 1889 in Lawrence County, Tennessee.  From
the will of Lawrence County, Tennessee:  The last will and testment of A.B.Bowden (brother to Charles
W. Bowden)  I, Allen Blanton Bowden of the county of Lawrence and the State of Tennessee being weak
of body, but  sound in mind. (note it states in will, the following, I will that the contract between
me and John Bowden, my father be compleyed. I appoint Charles W. Bowden, my brother, administor of my
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