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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Lanier Brewer
    Birth: 1746 - Brunswick, Virginia
    Death: 1824 -
    Marriage: -
    Birth: -
    Death: -
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
  George Brewer
    Born 1775 - North Carolina
     Died - Moore County, North Carolina
  Henry M. Brewer
    Born 1780 - North Carolina
     Died 1853 - Wayne County, Tennessee
  Cornelius Brewer
    Born 1782 - North Carolina
     Died 1875 -
  Wiley Brewer
    Born 1785 - Moore County, North Carolina
     Died 17 Jan 1868 - Wayne County, Tennessee
  Solomon Brewer
    Born 1785 - Moore County, North Carolina
     Died Oct 1866 - Wayne County, Tennessee
   Julius Brewer
    Born 1794 - North Carolina
     Died 1850 -

Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
Narcissus is the name given to the Cherokee Indian woman whom Lanier Brewer Jr. supposedly married. 
There is no satisfactory documentation to substantiate her name or even that Lanier Brewer, Jr.
married a native American woman.

There is weak circumstantial evidence that Henry was the son of Lanier Brewer, Jr. due to his
residence in Moore County, North Carolina at the same time as Lanier Brewer, Jr., and due to family
stories handed down by those who are supposed to be his brothers that they were sired by a Lynn or
Lynnear Brewer who had numerous children.  DNA evidence shows a strong correlation between those
descended from Henry Brewer and those who are descended from somewhat more strongly documented
children of Lanier Brewer, Jr.

I include Henry as a child of Lanier Brewer, Jr. in this repository for purposes of convenience for
researchers and as the current leading hypothesis of his parentage.  See notes by Garry Wayne Brewer

1790 Census - Moore County, North Carolina

  Lanier Brewer  2-4-4
  Ambrose Brewer 2-3-4
  Angus McAnley  1-2-3
  Drury Brewer   1-3-3
  Nimrod Brewer  1-0-0
  David Cagle    1-0-2
  Leonard Cagle  1-7-3
  Henry Cagle    3-4-4
  Joseph Cockman 1-1-3
  Christian Cagle 1-1-1
  John Cagle     2-2-3
  Roger Cagle    1-1-2
  George Cagle   1-0-2
  George Cagle   1-2-2
  Murdock McAnley 1-3-2
  Jacob Cagle    1-3-3
From Garry Wayne Brewer:

Henry Brewer was born 1780 in North Carolina.  We know little about his early life or who his
were. We suspect that he was the son of Lanier Brewer Jr. who was supposed to have sired 30 sons
during his lifetime.  Proof of this theory has not been found.  A Henry Brewer in the 1810 Moore Co.
NC Census closely matches what we know of the family of our subject. This fact gives credence to the
Lanier Brewer theory because Lanier lived in Moore County during this era; and in fact, was still
living there when the 1820 census was taken.  If Henry was the son of Lanier, then probably most of
the early Brewers who came to Lawrence & Wayne Counties Tennessee from 1818 to 1840 were brothers.
have testimony that a George Brewer who lived in Wayne County in this time period was a son of
Lanier.  Henry M. Brewer was married to Mary Cockman, born 1781. We know her two sisters, Margaret &
Sarah both married Brewers, supposed brothers of Henry, their names were Solomon & Julius.  
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