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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Joseph Nesbitt
    Birth: 1748 - Ireland
    Death: -
    Marriage: -
Sarah Bell
    Birth: 1747 - Ireland
    Death: -
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
   James Nesbitt
    Born -
     Died -
   Andrew Nesbitt
    Born -
     Died -
   Jeremiah Nesbitt
    Born -
     Died -
  Margaret Bell Nesbitt
    Born 1778 - South Carolina
     Died Jan 1819 - Wayne County, Tennessee
  Sarah Francis Nesbitt
    Born 1786 - South Carolina
     Died Mar 1857 - Wayne County, Tennessee

Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
Joseph Nesbit - 1748:

1766-1768 - Naturalizations:

Nesbit, Jeremiah 16, CharlesTown S.C. 1767-1768 7343 p. 110
Nesbit, Joseph n.a. CharlesTown S.C. 1767-1768 7343 p. 108
Nesbitt, Elizabeth n.a. CharlesTown S.C. 1767 7343 p. 74
Nesbitt, Jeremiah n.a. CharlesTown S.C. 1767-1768 7343 p. 108
Nesbitt, John n.a. CharlesTown S.C. 1767 7343 p. 74
Nesbitt, Joseph 20, CharlesTown S.C. 1767-1768 7343 p. 109
Nesbitt, Margaret n.a. CharlesTown S.C. 1767 7343 p. 74
Nesbitt, Samuel n.a. CharlesTown S.C. 1766-1767 7343 p. 72
Nesbitt, Thomas n.a. CharlesTown S.C. 1767 7343 p. 74

1767 - Passenger and Immigration Lists
p. 1546 to South Carolina: Charles Town
see book 7343 (975.7 W2Ri) Ireland to South Carolina (1767)
p. 110 Jeremiah Nesbit
p. 108 Joseph Nesbit
p. 74 Elizabeth Nesbitt 
p. 109 Joseph Nesbitt
p. 74 Margaret Nesbitt
p. 72 Samuel Nesbitt
p. 96 Sarah Nesbitt
p. 74 Thomas Nesbitt
p. 127 Jonathan Nisbett 1772
p. 126 Robert Nisbett 1772

1768 - "Citizens & Immigrants - South Carolina 1768" 975.7 D2wm
	23 Feb 1768

	Petition for warrant of survey for:

	Joseph Nesbitt		100A
	Samuel Nesbitt		350A

Petition for bounty and passage money for immigrants arriving from Ireland on the snow BETTY GREGG. 
4 and 2 pounds sterlling for passage and 20 shillings per individual:

	Joseph Nesbet		20 years old
	Jeremiah Nesbitt		18 years old

1768 - "Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina
		1763-1773" P. 93 Jan. 5, 1768 lists
	Joseph Nesbitt 20
	John Bell	19
	Sarah Bell 48
	Sarah Bell 21
	On the Bigantine Chichester, William Reed as Master, from Belfast

1768 - Film #0022591 Royal Grants Book 18 p. 69
	Joseph Nesbitt granted 100 acres on Tyger River, Craven County
	12 Sept 1768

	Sarah Nesbitt granted 100 acres on Wateeree River, Craven County
	12 Sept 1768

1790 Census-Spartanburg, SC 
  86 Co. John Nisbit	4	1	2
  89 Robert Nisbit
    3 Males under 16
    3 Females
  90 Sam Nisbitt
    3 Males under 16
    1 Male 16-
    3 Females
  90 James Nesbitt
    1 Male under 16
  90 Joseph Nesbitt
    1 Male under 16
    2 Males 16-
    3 Females

1799 Will of Joseph Nesbitt - transcription with the help of biogeoss at, a descendant
of Andrew Nesbitt, son of Joseph Nesbitt.

    In the name of God Amen, I Joseph Nesbitt of the State of South Carolina and County of Spartanburg being in low condition of body, but of sound mind & understanding do publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following – First I commend myself to almighty God and to the direction of his providence. Secondly, it is my will and desire that all my lawful debts be faithfully and honestly discharged, and that all debts due to my estate be honestly collected – and it is further my will and desire that the remainder of all the rest of my estate may be disposed of in the following manner ------ Imprimis, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Serah all my household furniture, except one bed and one spinning wheel to each one of my two Daughters, Margaret and Serah, otherwise it is my desire that when she may find it necessary to remove from her present dwelling house the legatees of my estate shall provide her a handsome house over on the South side of the River on which she lives, with ten acres of cleared land and as much wood land as may be necessary pertaining thereto, for her exclusive use and privilege during her life time, also that the said legatees shall supply her with twenty five pound of sugar and as much coffee or tea as necessary should she call for it, every year during her life time--- likewise I give and bequeath unto her my Negro woman named Doll, the preferrance of whom at my wife’s decease is to be given to my Daughter Margaret, upon her paying the proportion of her valuation at that time to the rest of the Legatees. Item, I give and bequeath unto my two sons Jeremiah and Andrew the plantation on which I now live lying on the middle fork of Tyger River, containing four hundred and fifty acres to be equally divided between them. Likewise I bequeath to my son Jeremiah all the Blacksmith tools of which I am possessed, also to my son Andrew my still and all vessels thereto belonging. Item, I give and bequeath unto my two daughters Margaret and Serah, my plantation lying on Fairforest containing three hundred and fifty acres to be equally divided between them and upon condition that either of them shall decease without legal issue, then and in that case their share shall return to the estate and to be equally divided among the Legatees. ----------- I further give and bequeath my beloved wife Serah, two cows and calves of her own choice out of the stock, likewise my old roan horse named Diamond --- I likewise bequeath further two cows and calves each one of my sons and Daughters, Jeremiah, Andrew, Margaret and Sarah, also one horse to each one of them to be taken at their __ valuation. All the rest of my worldly estate I will and desire they be equally divided between my wife Serah and my four children Jeremiah, Andrew, Margaret and Sarah ___. (WORDS MARKED THROUGH: and in witness of the truth of what I have written I have hereunto set my hand this fifteenth). I hereby appoint my son Jeremiah Nesbitt and James Gilliland as the Executors of my estate according to this my last Will and Testament ___ And in testament of the truth of what is above written I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine. Test Samuel Niesbett J Mark (Seal) John McCarter Joseph X Niesbett James H. Thompson his I do solemnly swear that this writing contains the last true will of the within named Joseph Nesbitt dec'd so far as I do believe or know and that I will well and truly execute the same by paying first the debts and then the legaires contained in the s'd will so far as his goods and chattles will thereunto stand and the law charges me and that I will make a true and perfect inventory of all such goods and chattles so help me God. James Gilliland, esq. South Carolina Spartanburg District By Gabriel Bumpass esquire Ordinary These are to authorize and empower you or any three or four of you whose names are hereunder written to repair to all such parts & places within this district as you shall be directed unto by James Gilliland Executor of Joseph Nesbitt Deceased late of this district wheresoever any of the goods and chattles of the said deceased are or do remain within the said parts & places & which shall be shown unto you by the said James Gilliland & there view & appraise all & every of the goods and chattles being find. Sworn on the holy evangelist of Almighty God to make a true & perfect inventory & appraisement thereof & to cause the same to be returned under your hands or any three or four of you to the said Ordinary on or before the twenty fourth day of June now next ensuing. Dated 28th day of April Anno Dom. 1800 & in the twenty fourth year of American Independence. We the subscribing legatees of the Estate of Joseph Nesbitt, do hereby certify that we & each of us have received from James Gilliland Executor for said estate our respective ---- in full received this 9th day of June 1802 by us. James Nesbitt Andrew Nesbitt Jeremiah Nisbet John Robnett Some notes on the transcription: Sarah, wife of Joseph Nesbitt and Sarah, daughter of Joseph Nesbitt, had their names spelled Serah in the document. A common spelling alternate in those days when spelling rules were more phonetic. Spelling differences of Joseph’s and Samuel’s surname in the will from that in their signatures was also quite common. The clerk would spell the name according to how he understood it, and Samuel and Joseph would sign their names according to how they had been taught to sign their names. When Samuel proved the will on 24 April 1800, his name was spelled Samuel Neisbett. The name is often written as Nisbett or Niesbett throughout their lives. The phrase “and upon condition that either of them shall decease without legal issue, then and in that case their share shall return to the estate and to be equally divided among the Legatees.” Was difficult to make out of the faded handwriting, but is a common phrase in wills of that time and fit the writing better than any alternative. The work Imprimis is a common word in wills, meaning “In the First Place” James Gilliland, John McCarter, and James Thompson were all close neighbors of Samuel and Joseph Nesbitt as shown in the 1800 census of Spartanburg District, SC., pages 84 and 85.
1800 - Ditto P. 1 - 24 Apr 1800 Court of Ordinary Will proved by Samuel Neisbett and John McCartey Exr named James Gilliland 1800 Census - Spartanburg District. South Carolina P. Saml Nisbett 2 Males 10-15 1 Male 26-44 1 Male 45- 1 Female 16-25 1 Female 45- 11 Slaves Andrew F. Nisbett 1 Male 16-25 1 Female 16-25 1 Female 45- 1 Slave James Nesbitt 1 Male under 10 1 Male 26-44 James Gilliland 1 Male under 10 1 Male 10-15 1 Male 16-25 1 Female under 10 1 Female 16-25 2 Slaves John McCarter 1 Male under 10 1 Male 10-15 1 Male 45- 1 Female under 10 3 Females 10-15 1 Female 26-44 Irma Matthews Plott states that when Joseph Nesbitt drew 100 acres in Spartanburg, he claimed to be 20 years old and single. "Scot-Irish Settlement on the Tiger River" states they were Baptists from Pennsylvania. Katie Esker's Book on South Carolina Memorials (975.7R28e) mentions Sir Alexander Nisbett, who received large tracts of land from King George II at an early date. 1800 - Deeds for Spartanburg, SC
    F:450 22 Mar 1800 160 acres John Uttley of Spartanburgh Co. SC & to John Robnett of the same state and county, for $300 land and plantation on the waters of Pacotate River. witness Wm Foster. G:180 Samuel and his wife Nancy Nesbett to Hosea Camp all of Spartanburg, 15 Dec 1800. 200 acres on the north fork of Tiger river. Witn: John Robnett [his own signiture], Thomas Penny, James Clowney.
LOCATION: Look up Nesbit Shoals, Spartanburg, South Carolina 29376 in Google Maps. This establishes the approximate location of the Nesbitt land in the middle fork of the Tyger River near Spartanburg, SC. 1803 - Deeds for Spartanburg, SC
    I:136 15 Aug 1803 299 acres John Robnet & wife Margaret Bell [Bull] Robnet of Spartanburg, SC to James Wilson land on both sides of the middle fork of Tyger River in the state and district aforesaid...witnesses James Gilleland, Jeremiah Nisbet, Andrew Nisbet [likely brothers of Margaret] [Andrew is a young man in 1800 Census but has an older woman living with him, his father is dead and his mother may be living with him, or he with her.]
1810 - Deeds for Spartanburg, SC
    M:282 I Jonathan Nesbett of the District of Spartanburgh and State of SC for and in consideration of the friendship and good will which I have for James Nesbett and John Robenett and their consorts of the aforesaid Sate and Distrkict have freely voluntarily given and granted and by these presents do freely give grant and release unto the said Jame Nesbett and John Robenet a certain tract or parcel of land lying and begin ...on the waters of Tygar River on the north side of the Middle fork...Originally granted to me . said Nesbett and 20 January 1810. Witness: WmBrown, Jon Robinson, Edmond Staggs. 1022818
Misc: There are many Nesbitt families living in Dickson Co., Tenn by 1802. 1886 - 928,127 Goodspeed History of Wayne Co., Tenn.
    9:775 The first company for the Federal sevice was Company A of the Tenth Tennessee (three years). Officers...John J. Brewer, second leutenanat....Company E..G. H. Brewer second lieutenanat. 9:881 John Robnett, pioneer of Wayne County, Tenn, was born in the Palmetto State [South Carolina] in 1804, and is a son of John and Margaret (Nesbitt) Robnett, natives of Delaware and South Carolina, respectively. They came to Tennessee in 1816, and were the second family that located in Wayne County. The father farmed until his death which occurred about 1824. His wife died in 1819. The father took for his second wife a lady by the name of Farris, who died in 1831. John Robnett, our subject resided with his step-mother two years after his father's death, when he moved on his present farm of 1300 acres. In 1828 he married Nancy Staggs, daughter of Joseph and Fannie (Nesbitt) Staggs, and their union has been blessed in the birth of ten children: Joseph N., John, Cynthia , Fannie, James, Margaret, Jane, Jeremiah, Neal S. and Ellender. Mr. Robnett is now eighty-two years old, but bids for to live many years yet. He vividly remembers many incidents of pioneer life, and the hardships, with which the early settlers were obliged to contend, in the settlement of the county. In politics he is a stanch Republican, and furnished two sons for the Union Army. His wife is a member of the Christian Church.
22816 Baptist Church records from Spartenberg, S.C. p. 12 mentions receiving a letter from the Tyger Church. This (Tyger) is the church your ancesters attended. From Garry Wayne Brewer (
    Francis Nesbitt is Sarah Francis Nesbitt sister to Margaret Bell Nesbitt, daughters of Joseph Nesbitt, the ones mentioned in the will of 1799. Margaret Bell Nesbitt married John Robinett who moved to Georgia then to join his brother in Law Joseph Staggs in McMinnville, Tennessee. John Robnett JR married Nancy Staggs his first cousin, then both families moved to Wayne County, 48 Creek. John Robnett Sr and his first wife Margaret and second wife are buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery, no headstones, also John Robnett Jr and his wife Nancy Staggs Robnett are buried there also. headstones on these. Joseph Nesbitt of South Carolina has now been approved through the S.A.R and D.A.R. Many years ago the wrong Joseph Nesbitt( only 10 years old) in South Carolina was assigned to our Joseph Nesbitt military service. I started working on this back in 1985 and submitted the application in 1998, but was turned down because of the other Joseph Nesbitt, but with the outstanding help of Anita Caldwell, local D.A.R. "Know All, See All" person, the D.A.R. corrected the military information and assigned our Joseph Nesbitt his military service in South Carolina, which helped the S.A.R. approved this long 25 year journey. So the heirs of Joseph Nesbitt on our line through Wayne County, Tennessee is now proven, through John Robinett Sr and his wife Margaret Bell Nesbitt and also her sister Frances Sarah Nesbitt, wife of Joseph Staggs. Both John Robinett Sr and his wife Margaret Nesbitt, together with Joseph Staggs and his wife Francis Sarah Nesbitt are buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery, Tennessee in unmarked graves, but are mentioned as buried there in different books. Both families settled in Wayne County ( of course back when it was Maury County, Tennessee), but the good part now is Joseph Nesbitt of Spartanburg County, South Carolina has taken his place in American History as a Patriot of the Revolution and their heirs are all over The Wayne, Lawrence, Tennessee area and all points east and west. I didn't use the Joseph Staggs and Francis Sarah Nesbitt line because the will of 1801 in Spartanburg, S.C. only has John Robinett Sr in the will as the husband of Margaret Bell Nesbitt, her sister Francis Sarah Nesbitt has not married yet to Joseph Staggs, but is also listed in the will. This Nesbitt girls families will later marry into the Staggs, Robinett, Jackson, Hunt, Brewer, Bowden and many,many more families of Wayne County, Tennessee. Anyway, enjoy with me the joy of Joseph Nesbitt Military Service to the cause of Liberty, "When the time for a strong arm & heart needed in defending his country, his hand and courage did not fail his service to his nation."
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