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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Charles Willis Bowden
    Birth: 05 Dec 1815 - Georgia
    Death: 14 Aug 1883 - Lawrence County, Tennessee
    Marriage: 20 Sep 1838 - Lawrence County, Tennessee
Elvira D. Ladd
    Birth: 1816 - North Carolina
    Death: Mar 1889 - Lawrence County, Tennessee
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
   Constantine S. Bowden  
    Born 1840 - Tennessee
     Died 1864 -
   John Wesley Bowden
    Born 07 Jan 1841 - Alabama
     Died -
  James Newton Bowden  
    Born 1847 - Tennessee
     Died 1929 - Rising Star, Eastland County, Texas
  Mary J. Bowden
    Born 01 Aug 1847 - Alabama
     Died 05 Jul 1905 - Lawrence County, Tennessee
  Fountain Pitts Bowden
    Born 22 Jul 1851 - Tennessee
     Died 21 Nov 1904 - Pope County, Arkansas
  Sidney E. Bowden  
    Born 11 Jun 1854 - Lawrence County, Tennessee
     Died 12 Aug 1928 - Nashville, Tennessee
  Margaret E. Bowden
    Born 05 Nov 1857 - Lawrence County, Tennessee
     Died 24 May 1925 - Lawrence County, Tennessee
  • John Wesley and James Newton Bowden
  • John Wesley and James Newton Bowden

  • Notes:
    Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
    1830 Census - Morgan County, Alabama
      p. 13
      J. A. (or N.) Ladd
      1 Male under 5
      2 Males 5-10
      1 Male 30-40
      1 Female under 5
      1 Female 10-15
      1 Female 30-40
    1838 "Marriages of Lawrence County, Tenn." Film #976304
      Bond - Mar. 12 1838 Bowden, James  Elizabeth McAnally   
                    William Bowden
      Bond - Sep. 20 1838 Bowden, Charles W.  Elvira Lysle 
                    George W. Franks
      Lic. - Sep. 20 1838 Bowden, Charles W.  Elvira Lad 
                    Sep. 20 1838
                    William Kirk, J.
    1840 Census - Morgan County, Alabama
      Margaret Ladd [Page torn so that numbers are not completely readable]
      1 Male 10-15
      1 Male 20-30
    1840 Census - Wayne County, Tenn.
    	p. 87 Bowden, Chas. W.	10001	00001
    1850 Census - Lawrence Co. Tenn 7th District
    25 Oct 1850
    	35 35
    	Bowden, C.W.	Farmer 335	34 M	Georgia
    	Elvira D.			34 F	N. Carol.
    	C.S.				10 M	Tenn
    	John W.				 7 M	Ala
    	Mary J.				 4 F	Ala
    	Jas. M.				 3 M	Tenn
    1859 Film # 0976301 Tax Lists Lawrence Co., Tenn.
    	Dist #12
    	Bowden, C.W.	96 Acres $700
    	Bowden, C.W. Exr Dec 177 Acres $900
    1860 Census - Lawrence Co., Tenn
    Civil District #12 - 11 August 1860
      1064 815
    	C.W. Bowden	Farmer	650 600	44 M	Georgia
    	Elvira D			44 F	N. Carolina
    	Constantine S.			20 M	Tenn
    	John W.				17 M	Alabama
    	Mary J.				15 F	Alabama
    	James N.			12 M	Tenn
    	Fountain P.			 9 M	Tenn
    	Sidney E.			 6 M	Tenn
    	Margaret E.			 2 F	Tenn
    	1043 797
            Margaret Ladd		63 F	Laboring NC
    	Mary			26 F	Operative Ala
    	Emily			22 F	  "  Ala
    1861 Film # 0976301 Tax Lists Lawrence Co., Tenn.
    	Dist #12
    	Bowden, C.W.	96 Acres $700
    	Bowden, C.W. Exr Dec 177 Acres $900
    	Bowden, C.S.
    1861 (approx) Tennesseans in the Civil War
    	Bowden, C.S. Pvt H. Co. 19th Cav
    1864 - Notes from Garry Wayne Brewer about C. S. Bowden:
      Constantine Sebastian Bowden, Company E, 54th Tennessee Inf. Consolidated in April 1862, 
      with remnants of 48 (Voorhies) and other Tennessee Rest. to form 48 Nixon's Tennessee Infr.
      2 Lieutenant, 12 months.  Company H, 19th Biffles' Tennessee Cavalry, Private, October 1862, 
      1st Lieutenant April 1864 , Died sometime after this date, no records given. 
      From email dated  10 Oct, 2002 from Suzanne Jackson.  She send a 
      letter dated April 6, 1863, the reason for using this letter is it mentions C.S. Bowden 
      and his Brother John Bowden.  
      "Dear Son  I I-------- This operuty of writing you a few lines to let you know that we 
      received your letter and you may be certain that we was glad to hear from you and that 
      you was well. We are not well your mother puny and I have not seen to well day since I 
      got home my bowels runing off all the time put quantity of blood through. We ------  
      -------cant your at all them a little better. we are still inhpes that you are well.  
      John McAnally hands me one hundred and ten dollars for you, you did not write to me any 
      thing about your mare how her back is go and how she stands it, I have been very uneasy 
      about here since I left and I have not hear late -- ----.John could not tell I want you 
      to write back by J.M.Pennington all about her and if you have got you a saddle I want to 
      know what you kneed so that I can git them for you, you must be backside for writing what 
      you want. Let us know if you want your coat made and brought  I am having you a pair of 
      boot made they will be done this week and so soon as my health git so that I can come to 
      you all I will. I could not ride thare at this time, well write if you want me to send 
      you your horse or whitter or not you think you mare will stand it of not , write all 
      the news --.  I sold Silry today to your Aunt Louis Bumpaps when I came up I want to buy 
      a boy if I can I have not planted any corn yet.  Tell cousin James Kelley that his family 
      is well, we was up thare Sunday they are giting along very well, he must do this do the 
      best he can. Tell John Chambers that I am trying to get his hat made, I will convey it to 
      him as soon as I can. Give my best love to all the boys in your Dept you all have my best 
      wishes and my symphety & Willy you must be a good soyder, kind and good to all and put 
      your trust in god that he may bring you safe through this unhappy war safe home to imbrace 
      of your friends whose affiations cling near you. we are satisifide that troubles and 
      suffering is great in camp we are also in trouble at home.  I  must close as I have nothing 
      more at presant to write of importance.  Willy write every chance you have, tell all the 
      boys to write to me tell C.S. Bowden that his bro. John is not any better but is thought 
      to be worse. I am going to his father in a few days, write on write all I am anctious to 
      hear from you all at anytime, nothing more but remain your affiationate father and mother 
      until death.  Winton McAnally and C.M. McAnally  
      1860 Census of Lawrence County, Tennesee. 
        Winston McAnally  42 Merchant and 
        Matilda C. McAnally 38, she was born in Miss. and he in Tennessee. 
        They had the following children; 
          1. William K. 18 (Willy) 
          2. Sarah E. 13 
          3. Manerva A. 11 
          4. Alexander 9 
          5. Sara A. 3  
      W.K. McAnally, Pvt, Company H, 19th Biffle Cavarly (CSA) 
      J.N. Chambers & J.M. Chambers, Pvts, Company H, 19th Biffle Cavarly (CSA) 
      J.C. Kelley, 2nd Lt. Company H, 19th Biffle Cavarly (CSA) 
      C.S. Bowden, 1st Lt. Company H, 19th Biffle Cavarly (CSA)
    1863 - Cemeteries of Pope County, Arkansas 976.732 V22p p. 110 Vol. 1
    	Bowden, J. W.  1-7-1841 1-7-1863  [This doesn't appear to be John, son of C. W. Bowden]
    1863 - From
      BOWDEN, J.W. Jr Pvt - Enl 20 Jun 1862 at Dover, AR. Discharged by surgeon 26 Jul 1862. 
      Died at home 29 Jan 1863. Ht 5' 6", eyes gray, hair drk, complx fair, farmer, age 18, 
      born in Pope Co, AR.
      BOWDEN, J.W. Sr Pvt - Enl 20 Jun 1862 at Dover, AR. Died at home 14 Jan 1863. 
    1870 Census - Giles County, Tennessee
    19th Civil District - 9 June 1870
      37 37
      Bowden, Charles W.   54 M W Farmer 1000 1300 Ga
      Elvira D.            53 F W Keeping House    NC
      James N.             22 M W Farm Laborer     Tenn
      Mary J.              23 F W                  Ala
      Fountain P.          18 M W Farm Laborer     Tenn
      Sydney E.            15 M W   "    "         Tenn
      Margaret E.          12 F W                  Tenn
    1870 Census - Lawrence County, Tennessee
    Civil Distrct #12 - 18 June 1870
      43 44
      Ladd, Emily     30 F W Working Cotton Mill  Alabama
      Mary               22 F W     "            "        "     Alabama
    1872 Film # 0976301 Tax Lists Lawrence Co., Tenn.
    	Dist #12
    	Bowden, C.W.	96 Acres $50
    1875 Film # 0976301 Tax Lists Lawrence Co., Tenn.
    	Dist #12
    	Bowden, C.W.	"On the head of Peter Creek" 95 Acres $125
    1876 Film # 0976301 Tax Lists Lawrence Co., Tenn.
    	Dist #12
    	Bowden, C.W.	no land listed
    	Bowden, F.P. & S.E. 95 Acres $125
    1879 Marriages of Wayne County, Tenn 1857-1829 #549276
    	Bowden, Sidney E. to Mary Staggs 11 Dec. 1879
    	solemnized 11 Dec. 1879 G.W. Whittan (J.P.)
    1879 C.W. Bowden, W.S. Bowden, and D.B. Nowlin Trustees of M.E. Church
    	South give deed to B.F. Bayliss Jul 7 1879
    	[May have C.W. Bowden's Signature]
    1880 Census Lawrence Co. Tenn. 16 June 1880 District 12
    	Bowden, C.W.	W M 64 Farmer	Tenn	-	-
    	Elvira		W F 64 Wife	N. Car. N. Car  N. Car.
    	S.E.		W M 25 Son	Tenn	Tenn	Tenn
    		(Married Dec.)
    	Mariah		W F 24 Dau in law Tenn	Tenn	Tenn
    	Maggie		W F 22 Dau	Tenn	Tenn	Tenn
    >	[check out C.W.'s parents birth place on this record]
    >	[check out everything in Wayne County for C.W. having a farm
    	and dying there.]
    1881 Film # 0976301 Tax Lists Lawrence Co., Tenn.
    	Dist #12
    	Bowden, C.W.	95 Acres $150
    1882 Film # 0976301 Tax Lists Lawrence Co., Tenn.
    	Dist #12
    	Bowden, C.W.	95 Acres $150
    	Bowden, Sidney
    1882 Film #0976268 Circuit Court Lawrence County, Tenn.
    	p. 330
    	Jan 2, 1882 C.W. Bowden appointed road commissioner in Dist. 12
    1883 - From The Press newspaper, Lawrence County, Tennessee
    Dated Wednesday Aug 22, 1883
      Died BOWDEN - At his residence, near Rippy's stand, this county, on Tuesday evening, Aug. 1?th, Rev. C. Bowden, an old and respected citizen of the 12th District. [The previous Tuesday with a '1' in the date was Tuesday, 14th Aug. 1883.]
    1885 Film # 0976301 Tax Lists Lawrence Co., Tenn. Dist #12 Bowden, Elvira 95 Acres $150 Bowden, Sidney 1886 Film # 0976301 Tax Lists Lawrence Co., Tenn. Dist #7 Bowden, Sidney 127 Acres $100 Dist #12 Bowden, Elvisy(?) 95 Acres $150 Bowden, S. 1889 - Petition on the estate of Charles W. Bowden Transcribed by Lina Owens Boyd To the Hon. J. A. Simms, Judge & C. The petition of A. J. Griffin Adm. upon the estate of C. W. Bowden, decd. A. J. Griffin individually and his wife Mary J. Griffin, W. J. Tice and wife M. E. Tice, all residents of Lawrence County Tennessee. Against Sidney E. Bowden also a resident of said County of Lawrence and James N. Bowden and F. P. Bowden, who are non-residents of the State of Tennessee and residents of the State of Arkansas. Complainants Mary J. Griffin and M. E. Tice are married women and bring this petition by their husbands A. Jl. Griffin and W. J. Tice. Witness Petitioners under should show unto your Honor, that C. W. Bowden departed this life in 1883 intestate, and leaving surviving him his widow E. D. Bowden who died about the last of March 1889. Said C. W. Bowden left surviving him five children who are his only heirs and distributees at law, to wit: 1. Petitioner Mary J. Griffin a daughter 2. " M. E. Tice " " 3. Defendant S. E. Bowden a son 4. " Jas. N. " " " 5. " F. P. " " " At the time of his death said C. W. Bowden was the ownder in fee simple of 106 acres of land lying and being in the 12th Civil Distrct of Lawrence County Tennessee. Said land is composed of two tracts or parts of tracts. One tract containing 20 acres was conveyed to said Bowden Feb. 28, 1855 by John Bowden and deed registered in Book "M" Page 101 R.O.L.C. The other tract containing 86 acres was conveyed to said C. W. Bowden July 27, 1852 by G. W. Barnett and deed recorded in Book "L" Page 93 R.O.L.C. Both tracts ___ continguous and formone entire tract. For a full description of said land reference is here made to said deeds. Recently petitioner A. J. Griffin has been appointed Adm. upon the estate of said C. W. Bowde, decd. As such Adm. no assets have come into his hands, and petitioner knows of no assets that ought to go into his hands excepts some property in the hands of the deft. Sidney E. Bowden, as herein after explained. At the death of said C. W. Bowden, he was owner of some personal property, - all of which, by permission of the heirs of said C. W. Bowden, went into the hands of his widow. Petitioners supposed that after the death of said widow E. D. Bowden, that said personal property would be divided equally between all the heirs of said C. W. Bowden, decd. Petitioners here exhibit a list of said articles, marked Exhibit A, but were not copied and asked to be considered a part of this petition. An examination of said list will disclose the fact that all the articles are not exempt property, and as a metter of law, neither said widow or defd. S. E. Bowden has any right to them except by permission of all the heirs. Petitioners further charge that if said S. E. Bowden is permitted to re- tain said articles, he should be made to account for same in a final settlement between the heirs. Your petitioner A. J. Griffin knows of no valid debts outstanding against the estate of C. W. Bowden, Decd. and his only object for taking out letters of Administration was to sell said personal property in possession of deft. S. E. Bowden, which petitioner was informed bleonged to the estate of said C. W. Bowden, decd. Said E. D. Bowden, having died before any crop was made on said land, petitioners are advised, that the rent of said land (from 1889 inserted) goes to all the heirs of C. W. Bowden alike, though petitioners are informed that deft. S. E. Bowden will undertake to appriate all of said rent. Petitioners further show that said land is so situated that it can not be advantage be divided in kind between petitioners and defendants, but that it will be to the manifest interest if all the parties to sell said land and divide the proceeds of sale. Premises considered, petitioners pray that the necessary processings and publication be made requiring the defendants to be and appear on the second Monday of the next term of this court and answer the allegations in this petition without oath. That on final hearing your Honor decree a sale of said land and order an equal division of the proceeds among the heors of C. W. Bowden decd, after a settlement has been made between the Adm. and heors, charging advancements & C and for general relief in the _____ S. A. Carrell, jt. Sol. for petitioners S. A. Carrell Jr. agt and attorney make oath that the allegations in the forgoing petitions are true to the best of his knowledge, information and belief. Sworn to and C. Dec. 2, 1889 S. A. Carrell Jr. J. M. Gilmore I am bound for cash Dec 3 /89 S. A. Carrell Jr. by W. P. McClenohan Dept. I acknowledge myself bound for the cost in the above cause. This Dec 3rd 1889. 1898 Pope County, Arkansas Marriages 976.732 V25p McFarland, J. W.,48, and Maggie Bowden,35, married 31 July 1898 by J.M. Granger, Pastor M.E. Church Filed 2 Aug. 1895 Book G p. 447 1900 Census Pope Co. Ark. p. 58A 64 67 Bowden, Fountain P. Head W M July 1851 48 M 24 Tenn Ga NC Sarah A. Wife W F June 1854 45 M 24 7/5 Tenn Tenn Tenn Hettie M. Dau W F June 1880 19 S Tenn Tenn Tenn Fannie W. Dau W F Febr 1882 18 S Ark Tenn Tenn Tomas E. Son W M Febr 1885 15 S Ark Tenn Tenn Charles J. Son W M Aug 1890 9 S Ark Tenn Tenn 1904 Cemeteries of Pope County, Arkansas 976.732 V22p p. 30 Vol. 2 Fountain P. Bowden 7-22-1857 11-21-1904 1904 Obituaries and Death Notices Pope County, Ark 1904-1906 976.732 V4l Nov 21 1904 F.P. Bowden at home in Dover. Had 2 sons, 3 daughters, wife died ten months ago. Misc. from Garry Wayne Brewer: Charles W. Bowden married Elvira D. Ladd on 20 September 1838 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Charles was a Methodist Minster, his last marriage was in Lawrence County, Tennessee in 1881. A lawsuit was filed in 1890 in Wayne County, Tennessee by his daughter Mary Bowden Griffin and Margaret Bowden Tice vs Sidney E. Bowden, James Newton Bowden and L.P. Bowden, the last 5 of 7 children stating C.W.Bowden died in 1883 and his wife E.D. Ladd Bowden died March of 1889 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. From the will of Lawrence County, Tennessee: The last will and testment of A.B.Bowden (brother to Charles W. Bowden) I, Allen Blanton Bowden of the county of Lawrence and the State of Tennessee being weak of body, but sound in mind. (note it states in will, the following, I will that the contract between me and John Bowden, my father be compleyed. I appoint Charles W. Bowden, my brother, administor of my estate. Elvira D. Ladd family members were Mary and Emily Ladd, both Mary and Emily are buried in an old abancdoned cemetery off Granddaddy Road west of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Also buried there are Nichlas Gower and wife, Tom Gower and wife Polly Bryant and Son. Jimmy Bowden and the two children of John Linam. From the Book at Rest, Cemetery Records of Lawrence County, Tennessee, page 443. Elvira and Charles W. Bowden are buried in the old Bowden and Stagg cemetery in Wayne County. The house and cemetery are gone now, but in the deed records the cemetery is reserved. As per my Father Grady Willard Brewer.
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