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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Sidney E. Bowden
    Birth: 11 Jun 1854 - Lawrence County, Tennessee
    Death: 12 Aug 1928 - Nashville, Tennessee
    Marriage: 11 Dec 1879 - Wayne County, Tennessee
Mariah Staggs
    Birth: 25 Jan 1855 - Wayne County, Tennessee
    Death: 01 Apr 1934 - Wayne County, Tennessee
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
   Gertrude Bowden
    Born 1881 - Lawrence County, Tennessee
     Died 1883 -
   Charles Marlin Bowden  
    Born 08 Jul 1884 - Tennessee
     Died 12 Dec 1947 - Visalia, Tulare County, California
  Ethel Elena Bowden  
    Born 16 Nov 1888 - Lawrence County, Tennessee
     Died 30 Sep 1978 - Adrian, Michigan
  Omar Clark Bowden  
    Born 30 Aug 1890 - Lawrence County, Tennessee
     Died 10 Sep 1974 - Sidney, Shelby County, Ohio
  Lillie Ann Pearl Bowden  
    Born 27 Oct 1895 - Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County, Tennessee
     Died 05 Apr 1965 - Palo Alto, California
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  • Lillie Bowden Brewer Delayed Birth Certificate
  • Sidney Bowden Deed
  • Sidney and Mariah Bowden
  • Sidney Bowden Family

  • Notes:
    Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
    1879 Film #549276 Marriages of Wayne County, Tennessee
    	Bowden, Sidney E. to Mary Staggs
    	11 Dec. 1879
    	Solemnized 11 Dec. 1879 G.W. Whittan(J.P.)
    1880 Census Lawrence Co. Tenn. 16 June 1880 District 12
    	Bowden, C.W.	W M 64 Farmer	Tenn	-	-
    	Elvira		W F 64 Wife	N. Car. N. Car  N. Car.
    	S.E.		W M 25 Son	Tenn	Tenn	Tenn
    		(Married Dec.)
    	Mariah		W F 24 Dau in law Tenn	Tenn	Tenn
    	Maggie		W F 22 Dau	Tenn	Tenn	Tenn
    1900 Census Soundex Lawrence County, Tennessee
    23 June 1900
    	Vol 24 Ed 53 Sheet 14 Line 34 7th Civil District
    	Bowden, Sidney		May 1854 46 Tenn
    	Bowden, Maria		Jan 1856 44 Tenn
    	Bowden, Charlie M.	Apr 1884 16 Tenn
    	Bowden, Lena E.		May 1888 12 Tenn
    	Bowden, Omar C.		Jun 1891  9 Tenn
    	Bowden, Lilliann P.	Mar 1894  6 Tenn
    	(five children, four living)
    Actual Census record confirms dates and other data
    1910 Census - Lawrence County, Tenn. Film #1375522
    	Bowden, Sidney E. 54 Tenn	Georgia	N. Carolina
    	Bowden, Maria	  53 Tenn	Tenn	Tenn
    	Bowden, Ethel L.  21 Tenn	Tenn	Tenn
    	Bowden, Omar C.	  19 Tenn	Tenn	Tenn
    	Bowden, Lillie A. 16 Tenn	Tenn	Tenn
    	(five children, four living)
    1915 #976258 Marriages of Lawrence Co., Tenn
    	Bk 11 - p. 87 Sep. 30, 1915 Bouden, Clark  Lora Ledford
    						J.B. Crews
    1920 Census Soundex Wayne Co., Tenn.
    Vol 86 ED 148
    Sht 3 Line 23
    Bowden, Sidney E. W 66 Tennessee Ga NC
    Maria             W 66 Tennessee Tn Tn
    Charlie M.        S 38 Tenn Tn Tn
    Line 19
    Bowden, Clark O.  W 29 Tenn
    Lora              W 20 Tenn
    Colman E.         S 3 5/12 Tenn
    James C.          S 3/12 Tenn
    Census Record - Film #1821770
    39 39 Bowden, Clark O.	Head	M W 29 Married	Tenn Tenn
    Census Record - Film #1821770
    39 39 
      Bowden, Clark O. Head M W 29 M Tenn Tenn Tenn Farm Laborer
      Lora             Wife F W 20 M Tenn Tenn Tenn
      Coleman E.       Son	M W 3 5/12 Tenn	Tenn Tenn
      James C.         Son  M W 3/12 Tenn Tenn Tenn
    40 40	Bowden, Sidney E.   Head M W 66 Married	Tenn Geo  N.C. Farmer
    	Maria               Wife F W 65 Married	Tenn Tenn Tenn
    	Charlie M.          Son  M W 38 Single	Tenn Tenn Tenn Farm Labor
    1928 Death Certificate - Sidney Bowden
    >	Born:	11 Jun 18 7 Lawrence County, Tennessee
    	Died:	12 Aug 1928 Nashville, Tenn.
    >	Father:	C.W. Bowden (Georgia)
    >	Mother:	Elvira Ladd (Miss.)
    1934 Death Certificate - Maria Bowden
    	Born:	25 Jan 1855 Wayne County, Tennessee
    	Died:	1 April 1934 1:15 a.m. Cancer of Stomach
    	Father:	George Staggs
    	Mother:	Cinthia Robinett
    	Married to Sidney Bowden
    Misc. from Garry Wayne Brewer:
    lifelong member of M.E.Church South:  Widow late Sidney Bowden. Buried at Spann Cemetery.  Mrs. Maria
    Bowden, aged 79 wife of the late Sidney Bowden, and highly respected lady of the Robinett's creek
    community, died at her home early Monday morning after an extended illness.  She was a lifelong
    member of the M.E.Church, South and had hundreds of friends in this and Lawrence county. Mrs Bowden
    is survived by two daughters, Mrs Lillie Brewer of Florence, Ala. and Mrs. Ethel Ames, of Adrian,
    Mich, Two sons also survive, C.M. Bowden of the Robinett community and Clark Bowden, of Sidney, Ohio.
     Shortly before her death, Mrs. Bowden expressed her appreciation to Mrs. Rosie Poag for her kindness
    during the long time that she had administered to her needs and comforts.  Mrs. Bowden was interred
    in the Spann cemetery in Lawrence County, Tuesday Morning.  Only one of five children to marry.
    2012-12-28 14:02:35