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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Henry M. Brewer
    Birth: 1780 - North Carolina
    Death: 1853 - Wayne County, Tennessee
    Marriage: 1807 - North Carolina
Mary Cockman
    Birth: 1781 - North Carolina
    Death: 1870 - Wayne County, Tennessee
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
  George W. Brewer
    Born 1803 - North Carolina
     Died 1852 - Wayne County, Tennessee
  Enoch Brewer
    Born 1810 - North Carolina
     Died -
  William Brewer
    Born 1810 - Tennessee
     Died 1849 - Wayne County, Tennessee
  Mary Ophelia Brewer
    Born 1811 - Tennessee
     Died 1839 -
  Nancy Brewer
    Born 1812 - North Carolina
     Died -
  Andrew Jackson Brewer
    Born 1815 - Tennessee
     Died 1875 - Wayne County, Tennessee
  Elizabeth Brewer
    Born 1818 -
     Died -
  Sarah C. Brewer
    Born 27 Jul 1820 - Tennessee
     Died 24 Jan 1909 -
  Henry Jefferson (Jeff) Brewer
    Born 14 Nov 1825 - Tennessee
     Died 10 Feb 1905 -

Research Notes -- David G Brewer 

There is strong circumstantial evidence that Henry was the father of George W. Brewer and the other
children listed here, due to the parcelling of his estate after his death.

There is weak circumstantial evidence that Henry was the son of Lanier Brewer, Jr. due to his
residence in Moore County, North Carolina at the same time as Lanier Brewer, Jr., and due to family
stories handed down by those who are supposed to be his brothers that they were sired by a Lynn or
Lynnear Brewer who had numerous children.  DNA evidence shows a strong correlation between those
descended from Henry Brewer and those who are descended from somewhat more strongly documented
children of Lanier Brewer, Jr.

I include Henry as a child of Lanier Brewer, Jr. in this repository for purposes of convenience for
researchers and as the current leading hypothesis of his parentage.  See nots by Garry Wayne Brewer

1830 - Census Tennessee Wayne County 299

Brewer, Henry	21100001 - 0021001
Cantrell, Noah	000011 - 000001

1836 Tax List - Wayne County, Tennessee
(See Wayne County 1836 District Map Here:

  District #6

  Name               Acres   White Poll
  BREWER, Abraham S.           1
  BREWER, George      15
  BREWER, George      35

  District #11

  Name             Acres       White Poll
  BREWER, Solomon                 1
  BREWER, Henry                   1
  BREWER, Jonas                   1
  BREWER, William                 1
  BREWER, George     40           1
  BREWER, Wiley      50
  BREWER, Enoch      20           1
  BREWER, King       20           1
  BREWER, Henry Sr.  40
  BREWER, Jackson                 1

  District #12
  BREWER, Solomon    15
  BREWER, Sampson                 1
  BREWER, Willey                  1

1838 Tax List - Wayne County, Tennessee
  District #6

  Name             Acres  White Poll
  BREWER, A.S.             1
  BREWER, George   35
  BREWER, William          1
  BREWER, John             1
  BREWER, Howel            1

  District #11
  BREWER, Solomon  15
  BREWER, Wiley            1

  District #12
  BREWER, Hiram            1
  BREWER, George W. 40     1
  BREWER, Henry            1
  BREWER, Wiley     50
  BREWER, Enoch     20     1
  BREWER, Jackson          1
  BREWER, William          1
  BREWER, King      25     1
  BREWER, Jonas            1

1840 Census - Wayne County, Tennessee

  Henry Brewer
  1 Male 10-14
  1 Male 15-19
  1 Male 50-59
  1 Female 10-14
  1 Female 50-59

1850 Census - Wayne County, Tennessee - District 11

    452 456
    Henry Brewer     47 M   Farmer 400 N.C.
    Elizabeth        47 F              Tennessee
    Sarah            17 F                   "
    Henry            16 M                   "
    Malitia          14 F                   "
    Salemen          11 M                   "
    Disus             7 F                   "

    453 459
    King Brewer       40 M               N.C.
    Narsisus          21 F               Tennessee
    William           18 M
    Emoline           16 F
    Caroline          12 F
    Eliza             14 F
    Wiley             11 M
    John               9 M
    George             4 M
    Arigent            4 F
    Jansey             3 F
    Elizabeth          1 F

    455 439
    Sampson Brewer    34 M    Farmer      300 N.C.
    Marry             32 F                    Tennessee
    John W.           14 M
    Elvina            12 F
    William           11 M
    Henry H.           9 M
    Thomas W.          5 M
    Elizabeth          1 F

    458 442
    Wiley Brewer      37 M  Farmer   600 Tennessee
    Catherine         37 F               Tennessee
    Erline            13 F               Tennessee
    John              11 M               Tennessee
    Willie             8 M               Tennessee
    Margaret           7 F               Tennessee
    Jason(?)           5 M               Tennessee
    Sarah              3 F               Tennessee
    Elzannah        1/12 F               Tennessee

    461 445
    Elias Brewer      35 M               Tennessee
    Lulata            38 F               Tennessee
    Elizabeth         13 F               Tennessee
    Joseph            10 M               Tennessee
    Sarah              8 F               Tennessee
    James              3 M               Tennessee

    462 446
    Joseph Brewer     34 M   Farmer 700  N.C.
    Elizabeth         30 F               Tennessee
    Solomon           12 M               Tennessee
    Davis             11 M               Tennessee
    A.L.               8 M               Tennessee
    John               6 M               Tennessee
    Docter             4 M               Tennessee
    Joseph             1 M               Tennessee
    Archiable Robinson 28 M              Tennessee
    Alassen           17 M               Tennessee

    463 447
    George Brewer     35 M  Farmer       Tennessee
    Izabella          34 F               Tennessee
    Jane              11 F               Tennessee
    Jonus              8 M               Tennessee
    Marry              6 F               Tennessee
    Sampson            4 M               Tennessee
    Wily               1 M               Tennessee
    Jane Brewer       70 F               N.C.

    464 448
    Jonus A. Brewer   44 M Farmer    400 N.C.
    Margaret          36 F               N.C.
    Sarah             15 F               Tennessee
    Elizabeth         12 F               Tennessee
    Marry J.          10 F               Tennessee
    A. V.              7 M               Tennessee
    Ambrose            5 M               Tennessee
    James              3 M               Tennessee
    Joseph             2 M               Tennessee
    William M. Robinson 20 M             Tennessee

    466 470
    Solomon Brewer    65 M  Farmer   300 N.C.
    Sarah             65 F               Tennessee
    James N.          24 M               Tennessee
    Marry              7 F               Tennessee

    528 531
    Brewer, George W. 47 M        - 1500 N. Carol.
    Harriet M.        40 F               S. Carol.
    Lewis A.          19 M               Tenn
    Martha J.         15 F               Tenn
    Nancy E.          13 F               Tenn
    James H.           8 M               Tenn
    Richard            7 M               Tenn

    532 537
    Solomon Brewer    35 M  Farmer 675   N.C.
    Elender           31 F               Tenn
    Elizabeth          9 F               Tenn
    Marry J.           7 F               Tenn
    Margaret           5 F               Tenn
    Elizabeth Brewer  18 F               Tenn
    Henry P.          12 M               Tenn

    533 538
    Brewer, Henry J.  24 M Farmer 250    TN
    Martha            18 F               TN
    Martha J.          1 F               TN

    535 540
    A. J. Brewer      35 M  Farmer   800 Tennessee
    July Ann          33 F               Tenn
    Mary              13 F               Tenn
    William           12 M               Tenn
    Louisa             9 F               Tenn
    John               8 M               Tenn
    Thomas             6 M               Tenn
    Henry             16 M  Farmer       Tenn

    548 552
    Wiley Brewer      65 M Farmer  1000  Tenn [Blind]
    Margaret          56 F               N.C.
    Levis             18 M               N.C.
    Martha J.         18 F               Tenn
    Nancy             15 F               Tenn
    Margarett         12 F               Tenn

    549 553
    John Brewer       24 F (Really) Farmer Tenn
    Laina             25 F                 Tenn
    Francis            3 F                 Tenn

    550 554
    Wiley J. Brewer   22 M  Farmer       Tenn
    Lealy             19 F               Tenn
    Wm. M.             2 M               Tenn

    551 555
    Henry Brewer      70 M         300   Kentucky
    Mary              69 F               Tenn
    Anner             39 F               N.C.
    Jasper            14 M               N.C.

1853 - Wayne County, Tennessee County Court Minutes
September 1848 - June 1854
Special Thanks to Edgar D. Byler for transcription

  [page 332] Monday March 7, 1853
  It appearing to the Court here that Henry BREWER late of said County is dead and that 
  application being made by Henry J. BREWER to have Letters of Administration granted to 
  him upon said Estate It is therefore ordered by the Court that Letters Issue to said 
  Henry J BREWER upon said Estate and the said Henry J. BREWER came into Court and 
  entered into bond in the sum of five hundred dollars with Andrew J BREWER his security 
  which was approved of by the Court and the said Henry J BREWER and Andrew J BREWER 
  acknowledged the execution of said bond in open Court And whereupon the said Henry J BREWER 
  took the necessary oath for his qualification.

1860 Census - Wayne County, Tennessee - District 11

	605 605
    H. J. Brewer      34 M Farmer 2000 1600 Tenn
    Martha            28 F                  Tenn
    Martha J          11 F                  Tenn
    John J.            9 M                  Tenn
    Thomas H           6 M                  Tenn
    Mary A.        10/12 F                  Tenn
    Mary Brewer       78 F                  N.C.

1880 Census - Wayne County, Tennessee
District #11 - 3 June 1880

  15 19
  Brewer, Henry J.  W M 56      Farmer           Tenn N.C. N.C.
  Martha            W F 54 Wife Keeping House    Ark
  William G.        W M 12 Son                   Tenn Tenn Ark
  George W.         W M  9 Son                   Tenn Tenn Ark
  [This record is included here to show where Henry J. Brewer thinks his parents were born]

From Garry Wayne Brewer:

Henry Brewer was born 1780 in North Carolina.  We know little about his early life or who his parents
were. We suspect that he was the son of Lanier Brewer Jr. who was supposed to have sired 30 sons
during his lifetime.  Proof of this theory has not been found.  A Henry Brewer in the 1810 Moore Co.
NC Census closely matches what we know of the family of our subject. This fact gives credence to the
Lanier Brewer theory because Lanier lived in Moore County during this era; and in fact, was still
living there when the 1820 census was taken.  If Henry was the son of Lanier, then probably most of
the early Brewers who came to Lawrence & Wayne Counties Tennessee from 1818 to 1840 were brothers. We
have testimony that a George Brewer who lived in Wayne County in this time period was a son of
Lanier.  Henry M. Brewer was married to Mary Cockman, born 1781. We know her two sisters, Margaret &
Sarah both married Brewer, brothers of Henry, their names were Solomon & Julius.  Mary Cockman Brewer
was living with her youngest son, Henry Jefferson Brewer on Butler Creek in Wayne County, in the year
1860. she was 78 years old.  Mary must have died before 1879, because she didn't appear there at that
time.  The first known record of Henry M. Brewer is in the Lawrence County, Tennessee court records. 
He served on a jury on May 4th 1818, which is the earliest mention of him in the records.  He is
mentioned numerous times in these records until the last on January 7, 1822.  He was listed in the
1820 census of Lawrence County as well as in a special county census conducted by the Squires in
1819.  At that time he was living in the Shoal Creek area of the county along with Wiley Brewer, who
was younger and believed to be a brother of Henry M.  Evidently, Henry Brewer moved to Butler Creek
in Wayne County in the 1820s, because he show up in the 1830 census in that county. The censuses
continue to show him in that area until his death in 1855.  He left no will, but a settlement of his
estate administered by his youngest son, H.J.Brewer is very revealing of the members of his family
when studied closely.  The estate was divided into nine parts, indicating that he had nine children
who either survived him or had issue who did. Five of the parts are paid to the surviving children or
their husband---A.J.Brewer, H.J.Brewer, Thomas Cash, A.J.Risner and William Martin. From the census
records, the wives of Cash, Risner and Martin are found to be Nancy, Elizabeth and Sarah
respectively.  One part is divided into fifths and paid to L.A.Brewer (3/5) W.L.Hardwick and
J.P.Bromley. Lewis A. Brewer was the eldest son of George W. Brewer, born North Carolina 1803 and
died about 1852. Hardwick and Bromley married Nancy and Martha J., daughters of George W. Brewer. Two
other sons of George W. Brewer were minors at this time, James H. and Richard M.J. L.A.Brewer was
their guardian: an, therefore was paid their parts along with his. Thus, no doubt George W. Brewer
was a son of Henry M. Brewer.  Approximately one child's part was distributed to the administrators
of Enoch Brewer's estate.  Enoch outlived Henry but died before the estate was settled, in late 1855
or early 1856. Sanders Brewer, son of Enoch, and Joseph Cockman were administrator's of Enoch estate.
 Sanders received $40.00 and Cockman $5.50. These payments appear to confirm that Enoch was a son of
Henry M. Brewer.  Another child's part of the estate of Henry Brewer was divided into eighths and
paid to P.M.Hensley, L.P.Hensley, W.G.Hensley, B.W.Hensley,Martha Brewer, Permelia Prichard, and to
"interest of May". one eighth part was not paid.  From this information, one can surmise that a
daughter of Henry and Mary Cockman Brewer married a Hensley and had eight children, but neither she
nor her husband survived her father. In the 1850 Wayne County census, four Hensley children are
living with the Samuel Bromley family, namely Porter, Perry, Benjamin and Tennessee. Bromley's wife
was Parenthia Hensley, daughter of Lemuel Hensley Sr. and possibly an aunt of the children.    The
three Hensley boys are believed to be the P.M. L.P. and B.W. mentioned above.  A Wesley G. Hensley is
found in the 1850 Wayne County Census living in the household of Bery Rush, He is believed to be the
W.G. of the estate settlement. A.J.Brewer was appointed guardian of Tennessee Hensley, minor heir of
Mary Hensley about 1852. Tennessee Hensley died about 1867. Although over 21, for some reason she was
still under guardianship.  When her estate was inventoried, two item of note were: (1) Acct. on A.J.
Brewer-$97.67(evidently due from the guardianship):(2) Acct on H.J.Brewer-$5.50(the exact amount of
the remaining 1/8 child's part that was never paid in the Henry Brewer settlement).  Regarding the
cryptic"interest of May", in the 1850 Wayne County census, on Butler Creek, was a William J. May with
wife Rachel and children, William J. Henry C. and Mary A. May.  By 1860 apparently both parents had
died leaving the children were placed under the guardianship of Lenoir W. Cantrell. The guardianship 
stated that these are "minor heirs of Milly May". Perhaps Milly was the name by which Rachel May was
called.  This is not proof that Rachel May was the daughter of Mary Brewer Hensley, but circumstances
point in that direction.  The other two eighth parts went to Martha Brewer and Permelia Prichard.
Evident they were daughters of Mary Brewer Hensley who had married a Brewer and a Prichard
respectively. These heirs are not found in Wayne County census Records in 1850 or 1860 and were
probably living out of state. Only one clue exists as to the identify of Mary Brewer Hensley's
husband. The 1830 Wayne County census list a John Hensley with a son of the right age to be Wesley
and a wife of the right age to be Mary. The other children were not born at that time.  The last
child's part was divided into thirds and paid to G.W.Brewer, J.N.Brewer and G.W.Ray, suggestion a
family of a son of Henry and Mary with three surviving Children, two sons and a daughter. A William
Brewer died in Wayne County in 1849 and was survived by a widow and four children. The name of only
one child has been found.  The estate was administered by A.J. Brewer, who could have been a brother
to the Deceased.  1/4 of William Brewer's estate was paid to a guardianship of a minor son, Joseph.
H.G. Brewer, son of Wiley Brewer was appointed guardian of Joseph. He appears in the 1850 census in
the Henry G. Brewer household at age 18.  The disposition of the other 3/4 of this estate has not
been found.  The G.W. of the Henry Brewer settlement is believed to be the George Brewer, age 21,
with Elizabeth in the 1850 Wayne County census and also the Geo. W. Brewer, age 29, with wife Mary.
in the 1860 Wayne County, This is possible because, obviously, the wife, age 19, in the 1860 census
is not the mother of the three children ages 11,9 and 6. Possibly Elizabeth died between 1850 and
1860 and George married again. J.N. , could be the Joseph or another brother, if not Joseph, then
Joseph must have died between 1850 & 1855 when most of the payments against Henry M. Brewer's estate
were made. The other part was paid to G.W.Ray. G.W.Ray, in the Wayne County census, had a wife,
Rachel.  Therefore, of the nine children of Henry M. and Mary Cockman Brewer, six can be identified
positively with the identification of the other three based on circumstantial evidence.
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