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----------------------------------------- Parents -----------------------------------------
Grady George Brewer
    Birth: 12 Dec 1893 - Wayne County, Tennessee
    Death: 11 Jun 1928 - Wayne County, Tennessee
    Marriage: 25 Jun 1916 - Wayne County, Tennessee
Lillie Ann Pearl Bowden Other Spouses:
    Birth: 27 Oct 1895 - Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County, Tennessee
    Death: 05 Apr 1965 - Palo Alto, California
---------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------
  Grady Willard Brewer  
    Born 05 Dec 1917 - Wayne County, Tennessee
     Died 03 Apr 2003 - Orem, Utah, Utah
  Elizabeth Lois Brewer  
    Born 08 Apr 1921 - Wayne County, Tennessee
     Died 04 Jun 2010 - Los Altos, Santa Clara, California
   Stillborn Son Brewer
    Born 01 Sep 1924 - Wayne County, Tennessee
     Died 01 Sep 1924 - Wayne County, Tennessee
  James Villard Brewer  
    Born 29 Jun 1926 - Waynesboro, Wayne, Tennessee
     Died 13 Nov 2000 - American Fork, Utah, Utah
  • Lillie Bowden Brewer Headstone in California
  • Grady and Lillie Brewer Headstone
  • Grady Brewer Death Certificate
  • 1917 Draft Card for Grady Brewer
  • Grady and Lillie 1916
  • Grady Brewer Family 1928
  • Grady Brewer Family

  • Notes:
    Research Notes -- David G Brewer 
    Submitted by Garry Wayne Brewer - Grady George Brewer: Blue Eyes,Light Brown Hair  US Draft
    Registration,report number 41-3-42A. Question one, Height, Tall. build, Slender. Color of Eyes, Grey.
    Hair, Light.Bald, No.Disabled? No.Name, Grady Brewer.Age, 22.Home Address, Allen Creek, Tennessee.
    Date of Birth Dec 12,1895,Born Citizen, Born, Wayne County, Tennessee, USA.  Occupation, Farmer. 
    Employed by Who, Self. Where Employed, Wayne County. Dependents, Wife.  Married? Yes. Race,
    Caucasian. Any Military Service? No. Do you claim exemption from Draft? No. I affirm that I have
    verified the above mentioned answers and that they are true. Signed Gradie Brewer, June 5,1917  
    Rememberances of Grady Brewer from his daughter, Elizabeth Lois Brewer Neff (not verbatim):
      Lois remembers her father as cheerful, intelligent and resourceful.  She does not remember her
    parents ever fighting, but they teased each other alot.  Grady was proficient at playing the guitar
    and singing, and seemed to be able to play any musical instrument without training.  He was a
    'horse-trader' which means that he went out and bought and sold merchandise, making a profit from
    those sales to provide for his family.  Grady would always bring home something of a present for his
    children and his wife.  Like his brothers and cousins, Grady drank alot, but his wife Lillie never
    allowed him to drink at home or come home drunk.  Lois was 'his princess', and just prior to his
    death had played with her and put her back down on the bed to take his shoes off or put them on. 
    Lois is unsure how Sidney Bowden could have gotten the shotgun in his bed, as he was completely
    unable to get out of bed.  When Grady was shot, Lois was on another pallet bed nearby and was
    drowsing.  She woke up with a shock to see her father on the floor in a pool of blood.  She had
    nightmares for years after that.  Grady's family were shocked and angry about the killing, and took
    Sidney out of the house, to jail, and then to the Nashville insane asylum, never to be seen again.
    1920 Census - Wayne County, Tennessee
    ED 148 Sheet 3
    15 Jan 1920
      Fm 36 36 Allens Creek Road
      Staggs, Peter J.   Head O M W 50 S Tenn Tenn Tenn Farmer
      Nancy              Sister F W 62 S Tenn Tenn Tenn
      Winnie             Sister F W 60 S Tenn Tenn Tenn
      37 37 Allens Creek Road
      Brewer, Grady    Head R M W 25 M Tenn Tenn Tenn Teamster Lumber Hauling
      Lillie           Wife   F W 22 M Tenn Tenn Alabama
      Williard         Son    M W 2 1/12 S Tenn Tenn Tenn
    1924 - Death Certificates of Wayne County 1914-1925
    Brewer, Infant, b. & d. 1 Sep., 1924.  Father: Grady BREWER, born Tenn.;  Mother: Lillie BOWDEN, born
    Tenn.  No place of burial given.
    Submitted by Garry Wayne Brewer:
    January 20,1928, Wayne County News: Little Forty Eight Creek. Mr & Mrs Grady Brewer spent Saturday
    night at the home Dock Brewer.  
    Little Forty Eight Creek: April 6,1928, Wayne County News: Miss Geneva Stutts and Willard Brewer were
    visiting in the Rich Brewer home Wednesday.  
    Little Forty Eight Creek: June 8, 1928, Wayne County News: Mrs. Lillie Brewer is sick.  
    Wayne County News, June 15,1928: Also printed in the Lewis County Herald, June 21, 1928, Grady Brewer
    killed by Father in Law, Aged man, Apparently while insane, Kills Son in Law While Dressing Monday
    Morning.  Grady Brewer, who resided on upped Dog Creek was killed by his father in law, Sidney
    Bowden, at the Bowden home which is near the Brewer place on the same creek about seven o'clock
    Monday morning and Bowden is now in the Waynesboro jail awaiting grand jury action charged with
    murder.  Mr. Bowden is a quiet harmless appearing old man of 75 years, and opinion is general that
    the crime was committed while suffering a temporary attack of insanity. He is in bad health,
    according to reports and is suffering from pellagra and high blood pressure. Brewer had gotten up and
    gone to the kitchen barefooted, and soon returned to the room in which both he and the old man were
    sleeping and was seated on a trunk at the foot of the old man's bed putting on his shoes when the old
    man stuck the muzzle of Single barreled twelve gage shot gun against the back of his son in law and
    fired a charge of number 4 or 5 shot into his back.  He had secured the gun some time earlier and was
    keeping it hid under the covering of the bed, it appears, and after the shooting claimed that the
    killing was accidental.  There was no enmity from all reports between the two men and no reason can
    be found that could be found that could have prompted the old man to kill his daughter's husband. 
    Mr. Brewer leaves a wife and three chidren, two boys and a girl, ranging in age from two to nine
    years.  Sidney Bowden, who is being held without bond for the killing, has a son and daughter in
    California, and a son Charlie Bowden, who made his home with his father and Mrs. Brewer whom he made
    a widow, by his rash act Monday, and his wife.  Immediately after the killing Monday the sheriff and
    Circuit Court Clerk S.M.Brewer were sent for, and before anything was moved they made a full
    investigation and brought Mr. Bowden in for the crime . The latter is an uncle of the murdered man.  
    Little Forty Eight Creek: December 28, 1928, Mrs. Lillie Brewer and children spent the week end at 
    the home of Rich Brewer.  
    Death Cert of Wayne County, Tennessee dated 11 June 1928 for Grady George Brewer, Father: James H.
    Brewer, Mother: Lum Brewer, Informant: Wm M. Brewer
    1930 Census - Lauderdale County, AL - Florence City
    Precinct 10
    April 17, 1930
      435 357 Minnehaha St.
      Brewer, Lillie  Head-H R $3 - No F W 33 Wd - No  Yes Tenn Tenn Tenn Spooler Cotton Mill
      ---, Willard    Son           "  M W 12 S    Yes Yes Tenn Tenn Tenn
      ---, Lois       Daughter      "  F W  9 S    Yes  -- Tenn Tenn Tenn
      ---, Villard    Son           "  M W  3 10/12 S No   --  Tenn Tenn Tenn
    Lillie Ann Pearl Bowden Description: Blue Eyes, Brown Hair  
    Submitted by Garry Wayne Brewer - From the Wayne County Newspaper,dated Friday, January 13, 1934.
    Blowing Springs, There is several cases of measles in this community. Mrs. Lillie Brewer and
    children(note Grady Willard, Lois and Villard) has returned to their home at Florence after several
    days visit with her mother(note Mariah Staggs,died April 1934).  Dr. Taylor was in the J. H. Brewer
    (my GreatGrandfather) home Sunday to see Clarence Brewer(note J.H.son) and Alice Stockard (note J.H
    .Granddaughter) who is ill. Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Moore(note J.H.daughter Dee) was a guest in J.H. Brewer
    home Sunday. Bill Stockard (note, J.H.Grandson and Grady Willard cousin) has returned home after
    spending a few days at Florence with his Aunt Lillie Brewer. W.R. Brewer (note J.H.Brother) was in
    the J.H. Brewer home Friday.  J.H.Brewer and Geraldine (note J.H.Granddaughter) was in the Charlie
    Nutt (note in law) home Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. Die Robinett is ill . Miss Marie Stockard
    (note J.H.Granddaughter) was in the Dock Brewer (note J.H. son) home Monday. 
    1940 Census - Tulare County, California
    Earlimart, Alila TWP - 3 April 1940
      18 O $100
      Brewer, Lilly    Head F W 45 W Tennessee Florence, Lauderdale, Alabama Citrus Packer
      Villard          Son  M W 14 S Tennessee Florence, Lauderdale, Alabama 
      Bowden, Charlie  Bro  M W 61 S Tennessee Waynesboro, Wayne, Tennessee  Ranch Laborer
    Submitted by Garry Wayne Brewer - California Certificate of Death, Full Name: Lillie Brewer. Date of
    Death:  April 5, 1965, 8:40 a.m. Female, White, Place of Birth: Lawenceburg, Tenn. October 27, 1889
    (note birth date is 1895) Age: 75. Last occupation: At home. Married: Widowed. Place of Death: 
    Hillhaven Conv. Hosp. 2530 Solace Ct. Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California. Length of stay
    in county at time of death: 12 years. Length of stay in state at time of death: 30 years.  Last legal
    residence: 607 Palo Alto Ave, Mountain View, California.  Name of informant:  Villard Brewer. Address
    of informant:  Los Gatos, California.  Burial, April 7, 1965, ALta Mesa Memorial Park, by Mays
    Funeral Home, Mountain View, California. Parents: Father Charles Bowden,(note, should be Sidney
    Bowden) Tennessee, Mother Marisha Staggs,(note, should be Mariah Staggs) Tennessee, information given
    by son, Villard Brewer. 1930 Census of Florence, Alabama: list Lillie Brewer head of home, White
    Female 33, born in Tennessee as were both parents: son Willard 12 years old, daughter Lois 9 and
    younger son: Villard  3 1/2 years old, she is a widow.  Her sister Ethel Ames is living in Adrian,
    Michigan , brother Omar Clark in Sidney, Ohio as per the 1930 census, can't find record of her mother
    Mariah Bowden and Lillie Brother Charlie M. Bowden in Tennessee or other parts of country , nor her
    Aunts, Nancy (Nan) Winnie Staggs, Uncle Peter J. Staggs, but according to Wayne County, Tennessee
    property records they are there, but must have missed the census takers.
    2012-07-28 10:51:56